Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thrifty Thrifty Thrifty Thursdays

The last couple of weeks I have been really busy with the flea market and clearing out stuff in the basement and garage. My hubby has been calling me a hoarder, I'm sure you can all relate lol I keep telling him that if you sell stuff then your not a hoarder. Hey thats my story and so far he is buying it.

The flea market was a great success and I have been busy rearranging the garage to get back to my painting. I am cutting back on my shopping because we need to downsize and get ready to move back to Ontario. I will keep my thrifty Thursdays up as long as I can, I would love to hear about your thrifty finds as well.
Have I told you about all the ducks, birds and geese I have in my yard everyday.Being on the river we get alot of wildlife landing in the yard. Everyday they entertain me and make me laugh. The word has got out that I have feed and now at certain times in the day, we have about 20 ducks in the yard. They are beautiful to watch and very entertaining at times, they fight amongst each other but also play, and none of them seem to be afraid of Maggie. She watches them and never gets too close and I have pics of her and the ducks and geese sleeping only a few feet from each other. They wait for me in the morning and at night I put feed out just after supper, so all of their bellys are full for the night. There are 4 females sitting on nests and I can't wait to have little baby ducks running around the yard.

This is a picture of Maggie falling asleep sitting up, with Ricky and Lucy eating behind her, Lucy eats a few times a day then sits on her nest the rest of the time, I can't wait for the eggs to hatch woohoo baby ducks ............(these are wild ducks that hang out in my yard, and I named them)
Ok back to Thrifty Thursdays
Maggie and I are outside as much as we can be and I am always on the hunt for more things to ad to the yard. I haven't started planting flowers yet, April and May have been all about getting the lawn looking nice and cleaning up the yard. And clearing out all the flea market stuff and any projects that I intended to sell. I found a few things at the flea market after I got my sweet hubby to bring me a coffee and watch my booth so I could walk around a bit.

I love this rusted and unique candle lantern and can't wait to sit outside at night and see how it looks

I picked up this cute little gas can at the flea market and have added it to my tire rim, tractor tire, wash bin, barrel flower bed, now I think it needs some flowers. My hubby gave me a strange look when I showed him this and said it was going in the yard. poor boy he doesn't get it but he goes along with it

I am always looking for interesting wooden boxes or crates, I love this pepsi one, bought this one because my son works at pepsi and also because the crate is from Iowa, same place that the American Pickers are from, and it has a great look

This bowl looks ceramic but it is all wood, I love the look of it and it is very heavy, would like to know what kind of wood it is made of. I picked up the wooden bowl and the two white pots at thrift store for a few dollars

This brass looking cow bell was for sale at the salvation army for one dollar, I had to get, it is so cute, it was an award at a fair, probably given to a girl or boy who had entered their animal in the fair

I think the little cow bell looks cute with my little brass pigs, and for a little bell it is pretty loud, I think I may try it as an alarm one morning when Brian won't get out of bed lol

happy picking everyone, I am hoping to have some paint projects to show you in my next post


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