Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thrifty Thursday in May

Hubby has been home for a week and it so nice to have him around. When he is working for a month straight we don't get time to do anything together. I also love to have him around to work on the honey do list too. We have the garden all planted and the place really looks nice. I got a lawnmower for Mothers Day lol , I know your probably thinking what kind of gift is that. But I really wanted a new one, the old lawn mower was a pain in the butt to push around the yard. I also got some walkway lights and hubby spent a few hours installing those for me. Thank you dear, I heard him tell a buddy that he can't wait to go back to work to rest lol , I am not working him that hard, I swear

Here is Maggie watching over the yard and inspecting my grass cutting job

I had to share pics of our little squirrel, she has 3 little babies that we saw yesterday, she carried them across the lawn in her mouth, one at a time and moved them from one nest to a nice spot in the tree.I tried to get a picture but she was moving way too fast. I think she was worried someone would get her little ones.

Is it just me or does she not look like she is smiling for the camera, and yes I named her too, her name is Susie Q

Here is a pic of the yard where the garden is, hubby has one half of the garden for his peas and carrots, and I have the other half.

This is my half of the garden, I planted flowers and tomatoes, we couldn't agree on the best fertilizer to feed the plants, so he got CIL and I am using Miracle Grow and we are going to see which one works best, and we will see who has the better garden. 

Ok now back to Thrifty Thursdays

I think these lamps will look great in the livingroom, I just need to find the right shades for them. The pictures do not do them justice, they really are nice looking. And at 2 dollars each a great deal Right now I have brass lamps that just do not go with the look I am going for.

I found this painting at the flea market and had to get it, the artist did an amazing job, and yes the moose is smiling. I originally bought this for Brian for his future man cave, but the moose is so cute I may have to find room for him on the wall. It was also 2 dollars, which is an insult to the artist, but good for me

These chairs were not a recent purchase, the red one I found on my trip to Ontario last summer, picked it up in Lindsay Ont for $15.00, the second one I scored at the Salvation Army here in Kamloops for $10.00. I am searching for material and Nicole from Ms Green Designs is going to reupholster them for me. I have a chair that matches these two in storage in Ontario and it was reupholstered a few years ago in an off white fabric. I can't decide what material I want for these two, but I have an idea. I will post a pic when these are done

Here is a pic of the chair that is in storage, I would like to stay with the white look for the living room but do not want all the chairs matchy matchy
So I will keep searching for just the right material and then drop them off to Nicole, she does such amazing work I can't wait to get these chairs done

I have to admit, Mandy from Vintage Revivals and I have alot in common, I have become a chair hoarder. I can not resist cute chairs, I hope our new house in Ontario has room for all of my cherished belongings and my chair hoarding collection

Going to my first Rodeo this weekend woohoo, hope everyone has a great weekend, happy picking



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