Thursday, August 30, 2012

I can finally paint without melting like an ice cube in the sun

Now that it is isn't 100 degrees outside anymore I can get back outside and in the garage and catch up on some painting projects. I hate painting in the heat, menopause and heat waves do not mix, I sweat like a pig and it makes me cranky (OK bitchy)
 I cleared the garage out with my selling frenzy a few weeks ago, and will you believe it I am full again.
 Do you remember those cups that you could tip and it looked like it drained, but then you sat it back up and it would fill again.
Well that's my garage, I clear out and I clean and organize it then I go hunting for bargains and fill it again
I have been working on some old projects that have been calling to me
I really need to get some stuff done,
I literally can not reach the back or the middle of the garage
Remember these chairs that I found for my new dining room, the one that is in my dream house that I don't have yet, yes that dining room
When I got my first can of Anne Sloan old white I painted and painted, hall bench, table and all of my chairs
Then I found these two chairs online and I was so excited to get them.
They don't match the other ones but they are very similar and who wants matchy matchy anyways
Well I kept looking at the chairs I had painted Old White and I decided it was not the colour I wanted for the dining room
So after painting the 3 chairs with two coats of Old White
I am going to paint them again
If you think boy she must like painting chairs, you are so wrong
I hate painting chairs, they are so much work and so time consuming
But it has to be done
I could wait for hubby to paint them
Like the laundry room, he never goes into the garage
His answer to, should I paint this?
Is always the same, it looks great the way it is
(meanwhile he is not even looking at what I am talking about)
But after two days and two coats of pure white, they are done
happy happy happy dance
I would have killed for a paint sprayer
Well maybe not killed, I would never kill anyone
(I better cover myself here in case I ever do snap from this menopause thing and they use this post in court to confirm that I did say I was going to kill someone)
I have seen enough Law and Order to know what premeditated means
So what I really meant was I would really love to have a paint sprayer one day
Suzan just in case, start practising saying
But officer she was with me all day
( still hunting for the right fabric for the seats) 
that would be shopping, not hunting, because I do not own a gun
geesh I am really going to have to watch what I say lol
And remember this cute little wooden bird cage I picked up
It looked like it had been in a room with a whole bunch of chain smokers
Just a little yellowy (is that a word)
It got a fresh coat of paint and looks very clean and bright
Now what to put into it?
Anyone have ideas and don't say birds lol
I was thinking plants, or a birds nest
still thinking
need some ideas 
Now if you saw this table in a thrift shop would you just walk past it
Yes its got mouldy stuff on top, but it is sturdy and it called to me
She said, I have had a rough life but I can be pretty
please take me home and make me beautiful
And at $2.00 I could not resist
So with a little bit of glue and some clamps to close the gaps from the wood splitting
and some strong cleaner to get rid of the mould
And lots of sanding and filling
She is ready for her makeover
Her debut will be on my next post
She is so excited and so am I
I had to share this pic of Maggie, this is what she was doing while I was writing this post. Apparently the toy dinosaur that she wanted was at the bottom of the toy basket lol
Do you think she has enough toys lol
Yes she is a spoiled little girl
Ok Maggie clean up your toys
ha ha who am I kidding, would be cool if she could do it though
hhmm and do housework and paint
Come here Maggie, Mommy wants to teach you some new tricks lol
happy picking and painting

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A stunning sewing room and a very talented lady

This post is about a home business I have spoke about in previous posts. I am very lucky to have met this very talented and amazing woman when I first moved to Kamloops. Bobby Jo and her Mom run a business called Sew Tied Up, they make hats, scarfs, shoulder bags, head bands, hair clips and so much more using men's ties...........yes I said men's ties. At the end of this post I will display some of the items they have made and give you the link to their site on facebook.

Bobby Jo 

This post is about Bobby Jo's sewing room makeover, this woman amazes me with her talents. I have to start this post with a pic of her adorable family. I don't know how a mother of 3 finds the time to do all that she does, this is one very busy lady. Isn't this the cutest family, makes me smile everytime I look at this pic of them

Bobby Jo displayed her sewing room photos on facebook and I was so impressed I asked her if I could do a post about it. She describes each photo and explains the steps, and I thought who better to tell you about her sewing room than Bobby Jo herself, so I am copying her explanations of her pics

The fireplace mantle area is still incomplete and thinking over what to do? I have ideas I am working on and meanwhile I placed this "mirror" that was broke, I cut a board for the back, the plaster frame was in 6 different pieces and were glued back together and than put on the board that was painted with chalkboard paint
Well I stored these cabinets in my husbands shed for awhile and I am glad I never donated them back to the store. I bought them awhile ago at Value Village. They had a nasty top attached to them and were raw wood. They were a steal at $20.00 and the craftsmanship put into them alone never mind the labour was a "Ikea" moment. QUICK.....start the car!!!!
Real nice deep drawers on rollers and the hardware already so they were just waiting to be separated, painted and a new plank top attached.
So the paint was a mistint bought at the Re-Store Benjamin Moore "Jalapeno Pepper" Cost $2.00
Cabinets Value Village Cost: $20.00
Planks for the top I used 2 boards 2 by 12 Cost: Approx. $7.50 each
The stain I had on hand so the cost for everything here so far is a total of $37.00 for my sewing table. Not bad right?
So I painted the cabinet in the "Jalapeno Pepper" The drawer fronts I stained in the walnut color and the planks are now dry fitted on top. I stuck the stool I had on hand from before and was purchased from a Second Hand Store. The stool was well worth it and I believe I payed $40.00 for it and it will get a new upholstered top when I find the right fabric.
I have a lot more to build around and above it, thread storage, etc. Thinking maybe a floating shelf above? Still working on my thoughts 
 Well if you guessed this to be one of those over sized t.v entertainment units your right! And because we no longer have the T.V. in this room anymore it was lose it or use it? And because I don't have a large cutting table area I thought why not build one to suit? So I am going to make this area my "cutting area".
Oh my goodness!!! Remember when my son said my sewing room was a mess!? I said to him, "creative minds are rarely tidy"! Yeah this room right now is far from tidy!
One feature wall painted and 3 more to go!!! Still in the decision making process.
 Nothing fancy but some common pine boards you can purchase at your local lumber store. I needed to raise the height of the unit at the end to 3 ft so I built a shadow box to sit on the one end and the boards will sit on the one end. On the opposite side they will rest on a board (2 by 4) screwed into the wall between the t.v. unit and into studs for strength and safety. I have had a previous cutting table with closed underneath storage. It wasn't working for me. I needed an open concept underneath for the air compressor and other items. My table height is at 3 ft and is a comfortable working height for me. This is also the height of a working kitchen counter top height approx. 
 Just need a coat of varathane and I can't wait to cut, measure, and create in this space! I bet it even ends up being a homework area for the kids:)
Added a wooden measuring tape to the side of the table handy, I need to add a couple more to the top and one for free hand!
O.K. this needs help but this is the mirror I was thinking of "marrying" to my nanny's dresser? Not sure? But it is grand for viewing hats and bags if someone wants to try them on?
Nanny's dresser in full view! I had this mirror on hand from another area in my home and "married" it to the dresser. I was thinking I should paint it out too but left it dark this will be handy for viewing items and trying them on a must have "mirror" The drawers hold surplus of fabric right now but I will be putting my tie surplus in there and colors. Might add some "chalk tags" to the drawer fronts.
 I am not going to lie this tested my patience yesterday! Imagine if I didn't "cheat" as well and handmade the thread dowel holding part! Yikes....this even is not enough storage for all my thread but it's a great start! I will have to make another one.
This was an old picture frame, I cut out a thin board set it into place from behind I then screwed(from behind) to secure the thread holder into place. I could have just sprayed the thread holder white but I think this adds character.
 This is where I put it all together:) The deep drawers are awesome and host my material, spray paint, and extra iron, tacks, etc! The shelf above is great and holds my scraps in those hot pink bins!
The end of the cutting table which was the center of the entertainment unit. I added the shadow box to the top and boards across for the table part. The bins in pink and blue were purchased from Walmart for $8.00 each and hold pre-cut bags and material. The bottom side where DVDs use to be stored are now areas where the tray pulls out and they hold my d-links, button, etc. waste no space!
Picked up this chandelier from a thrift store great accent for over the island and kind of pretty, works for me too!
 I built these two picture frames into the thread holders, very handy and visually appealing! I did get this idea from the inspiring wonderful "Pinterest" site.
 Before I had all of this wall with my ties on the rods but I decided to change it up and hang some of the ones that had the most character to me and it make's me feel inspired as well as they are kind of like "artwork"!
Handy that my air-compressor is now hidden away and at the same time handy enough to access. Under the table there is plenty of room for bins and stools
 (Which I need to paint and scored for $10.00 for 2) 
 Don't have a pin cushion?
My daughter had a antique doll passed down to her, I purchased a long time ago this chair for the doll to sit on. The chair ended up in her toy storage bench and I thought it would make a great pin cushion. It actually is pretty big and holds alot of pins.
 Isn't Bobby Jo's sewing room amazing
I thought I would include all of the incredible items that come out of that sewing room
I keep telling Bobby Jo that she needs to get her products on Etsy
She works so hard and I know all of her products would be such a big hit on Etsy
 Setting up every weekend is alot of work, but her booths are always so well organized and so pretty
Bobby Jo also reupholsters furniture with ties and fabric scraps
Here are a few of the items that Bobby Jo has upcycled
This womans talents have no end, she sews, she paints, she reupholsters, she creates
She is what upcycling is all about
Here is a pic of some of the items Sew Tied Up sells
 Flower Clips
 Shoulder Bags
If you want to see more of the products that are created and upcycled by Sew Tied Up you can find Bobby Jo on facebook just type
Sew Tied Up
I hope I have done her justice in this post, because I think her sewing room is stunning and so creative.  I am in awe of the talents of this very amazing lady, and consider myself very lucky to have met her.
 And I think after you read this post and check out all of her amazing products. You will see why I think this lady is so very very talented and why I wanted to let all of you know about her.
please share this post and her amazing products with your followers and friends
Hope everyone is having a great week
Happy picking, painting, sewing and upcycling

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pickin and Blogging

I have always loved shopping at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales, the rush of finding that item and getting it at a great price. Bringing the item home and finding a place for it in my home. My being a picker started when I saw items that I thought family or friends might be interested in. I could not resist picking up great deals and passing them on. If the items were not something that they were interested in than I would list the item for sale. That is where my being a picker started and it has now become a way of life.

I have met so many amazing and interesting people in my travels, and made great friends. And my home is filled with treasures that have a story and a history. My home is not filled with items just to furnish it, it is filled with things I love. I never wanted a home that looked like a furniture store showroom. And it makes me so happy to be able to provide others with treasures that they love and cherish.

Here are a few items that I picked up this week

Isn't this vanity gorgeous, I saw it online and was so excited to get it. Hubby thinks I am nuts to want to paint it, but that is exactly what I am going to do with this baby. I am thinking about taking the applique off of the bottom drawers and changing the hardware too, what do you think?

And this little cutie is an old radio and turn table cabinet. I had planned on gutting this to use as a storage cabinet for glasses and liquor bottles etc
But the radio part is so cute I am just going to gut part of it. I am hoping that I can tear out the speaker part at the bottom and use that area for storage as well.
This is where I wish Kristy lived next door, I could use her woodworking skills lol

See what I mean about the radio part being cute, I am going to paint this and take out the turn table and keep the radio
I love the hardware on this cabinet
And I picked this shabby chic bird cage too, it needs a paint job as well, just not sure what colour yet
Remember this table that I bought and I was going to refinish it. well when I lost my mind for a few days and was heading back to Ontario, I sold it and the chairs.
I regretted selling it as soon as I saw it being loaded in the buyers truck
But if I hadn't of sold it I would not have met Laurie and the crazy bunch from Lookin Nice Twice
So when I saw this table at a local thrift store for $20.00 I grabbed it, same legs but bigger table and it has an extra leaf. Going to paint it white , might keep the top stained still thinking about that one
Here is the top, I am hoping I can sand that design out
And I found a couple of more chairs that almost match the ones I have painted in the garage
Here is one of the chairs before paint, I painted the four of them with ASCP in old white. Now I want a brighter white for my dining room so I am going to repaint them in Pure White
I know I need to work on my staging pictures, other blogs pictures look so much more professional. But my house is so tiny there is no room to move and the garage is the only place I have space .
I don't know how that creeper gas can seems to get into all of my pictures lol
I will work on the staging pic thing for my completed projects , I promise
Hope everyone is having a great weekend
Thanks for being here, my picking and blogging help to keep my sanity during those crazy times when the combination of menopause and lifes problems make me snap lol
And it means so much to me to have people that want to follow and read my blog
I love following other blogs as well and having the friendship of those talented people that take time out of their busy lives to be part of mine
I feel blessed to be part of the blogging community and I treasure the people that I have met in person and online
I just noticed that I have 23 followers wow, I just did a little dance, I have 23 followers, I have 23 followers, (imagine me singing it and dancing hehe)
Welcome to all of my new followers, I am so flattered you are here
please comment and if you have a blog tell me the name, so I can stalk you, I mean follow you too ,