Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays

Welcome to Thrifty Thursdays

This week I am going to combine my thrifty finds with some makeovers and projects that are in the works and a few that are completed. I have spent so much time on the garden and the yard work that my projects have been piling up. Hubby has also been off the last two weeks and we have been out on the bike alot.  All of this means that the garage is over flowing with unfinished projects, it is getting hard to close the door lol
So in this next month I plan on dusting the cobwebs off a few old projects and working hard on some new ones

I keep seeing these chairs in magazines and on other blogs and I think they are so cute, so of course I want one in my yard too

I copied these two pictures off the web sometime ago and have no idea where I got them, so I am sorry I can not link to the creative person who made these

I picked this chair up at the Salvation Army for $7.00, the lady there said "how many chairs do you have in your house now? lol " When I told her this was not going into the house that it was going to be a flower planter, she looked at me almost the same way my husband did when I told him what the chair was for

I know it is a cute chair, but I have lots of cute chairs, I had to paint this one when hubby was at work, poor boy almost cries when he sees me paint wood, I used to be the same way, there are some pieces I will never paint but this one is getting a paint job

Here she is , isn't she cute, I stuck those flowers in there for now, I will have to get a container and some flowers that look as pretty as the chair does.
I have a milkcan and a birdhouse in that flower bed that have robins egg blue on them, so I decided to paint this blue as well.

I wanted to tone the paint down a bit so the chair would look weathered and like it had been outside for years. So I mixed the blue with a bit of white chalk paint and added a bit of black chalkboard paint.
Once it was dry I sanded it in wear spots and sprayed it with a lacquer.

The blue paint and the black chalkboard paint, where spray paint, I like to use what I have so I just sprayed them into a margarine container and added the white paint, worked great

See the little chicken in the right corner, I sprayed it blue after this picture too hehe
My hubby shook his head when he saw the chair, and then asked me what happened to the chicken lol
He said, where have you ever seen a blue chicken?
I said, right there in the flower bed silly
Men, they have no imagination

I will call it our little blue bird of happiness

I know this flowerbed is getting a little crowded, but the landlord is anal about his yard so this is the only place I can put them. I can't wait to move back to Ontario and have our own place, so I can go wild and do anything I want.
poor hubby


I know this is cute but the colour is not what I want in my diningroom so this chair is getting a new look, I am on the hunt for just the right fabric for the seat, I have 3 of other chairs to make over as well. The other 3 chairs don't match this one in style but I think they will look great once they are all done.

This stool will look great with a vanity that I have after its makeover, I got this for $2.50 at the Salvation army, do you believe that, can you say  SCORE !!

This I picked up at a yard sale for $5.00
Could be a hamper or a garbage can, but I want to use this to store dog food, now what colour am I going to paint this? 

Hope to have these projects finished for you to see by the weekend, as long as the nice weather stays,
I have no room to work in the garage and I have to paint outside, so I am hoping the rain holds off 

Hope your having a great week


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