Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I did some Canada wide picking of my own this month

I just returned from a 3 week across the country trip to see family and friends. I am always on the lookout for unique items and collectibles and being on vacation does not mean that I can pass a garage sale or antique store anymore than I can on a normal day. it is an addiction i know but I love it and I love the things I find. I am still working on adding the pictures of my finds on to my blog, should be on here in a few days.

One of my stops was along the highway, and i am sure glad I stopped there and will definetly go back there on my way back to ontario when we move back. The building I stopped at is run by a feisty lady named Vivian who turns 80 in Sept. I think i saw a glimpse of what my future might be lol Vivian has been collecting for 30 years and she has a little bit of everything, you can spend hours there and not see everything. she has used every bit of space and shelving to display her items and she has a lot of items. Outside you will find all kinds of treasures too and if you can't find what your looking for there, she has 3 tractor trailers full of more stuff. I didn't have alot of time to spare there you could be there for hours and still not see everything. the building isn't heated so Vivian is only open from May to October, her prices are reasonable for retail, so if your picking to resell I don't think you can get bargains there, vivian knows what they are worth and she wants her price. She told me she had the guys from Canadian pickers call her and she told them she did not want them there (I did say she was feisty). She said she didn't want them telling her, her business and trying to get her down in price or chasing customers away. I will definetly be going back I saw some large items I would love to own.
I also stopped at a few road side sales in Ontario, one I went too had many items I wanted and had to leave behind because I had the car and not the truck, and I had to leave room for Maggie. I did manage to squeeze some stuff in until Maggie started to look a little squished so I knew my shopping was done lol
If I had unlimited funds and a big truck I could have scored big time, but where would I put when i got home, going to have to wait until we buy our house in Ontario to do that kind of shopping, that and winning the lottery lol
I really enjoyed checking out some of the shops in wasaga beach area and Collingwood with my sister. I scored some Toby jugs and an antique croquino board and chinese checkers board. We were in a cute consignment store and it really made me want a store of my own like that. I would love to have a consigment store in the huntsville area, i know it would be a great success i can sell some of my own stuff have a shop in the back to work on things and sell consignment items too. one day one day