Thursday, June 28, 2012

Postage Stamp Table In Honour of my Mom

Hope everyone is keeping cool, I was out in garage sweating my ass off the last few hours and decided that that was enough for the day. I'ts a hot one and even dragging stuff outside into the shade didn't help. So I think I will call it a day and come inside and talk to all of you, which is much more fun than having sweat drip into my eyes.

I showed you most of my thrifty finds earlier this week so today I want to show you a project I have been working on yesterday and today.

Did I also mention that I have almost gone through a whole can of Old White by Annie Sloan, I have been on a painting frenzy

Not sure if I posted this cute little table when I found it at a thrift store for 3 bucks, it was rough but I knew it had potential

I decided to give it a coat of Anne Sloan paint, shocking I know lol

Much better don't you think, but wait I am not done with this little cutie yet
I have been seeing a few of these projects online and I thought this table was perfect for it, with its square border and inlay. I went onto the site and found what I was looking for

I picked this idea for my table but changed it up a bit to make it more my own

Keep in mind this is the first time I tried this, and I know its not perfect but I love it. And I am doing this table for myself so I think it is lovely, but still not done.
I changed some of the information on, I added my Mom's name and her date of birth and where she was born to the info. I display family photos on this table, and I want something in memory of my Mom to be part of that display

I added clear wax and darkened some of the inlay with darkwax and distressed the table a bit, and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Now its done, the front picture is my Mom and my Grandma who I miss very much, and a pic of my 5 kids is behind that one and a pic of my 5 gorgeous Grandchildren is behind that. I know my Mom would love to have seen this table in her honour and I will think of her and the legacy she created everytime I look at it.

Hope everyone is having a great week, if you are still lucky enough to have your Mother still in your life, I hope you treasure the time with her, and appreciate all that she has taught you and done for you. Make sure she knows how much she means to you. My Mom never got to see her great grandchildren, but I know she would be so proud of them. She adored her grandchildren and I wish she could see the amazing adults and great parents they have become.
In memory of my Mom
Margaret Elizabeth Cline
Dec 3 1927 to Jan 4 1991

Not a day goes by that you are not missed Mom
You are always in my heart

And my sidekick

The Graphics Fairy

Monday, June 25, 2012

I am no longer an Anne Sloan Paint virgin

I was so excited to go to Langley this week and buy my first samples of Anne Sloan paint. I thought I would just pick up a few cans of paint and some dark wax. But when I got there I was overwhelmed with the choices of colour. I wanted to buy them all, there were so many gorgeous colours to choose from. As I scanned the different colours in their cute little test pots I could envision what they would look like on the many pieces of furniture that I have in my garage that awaits a new look.
I wanted to buy them all, but I didn't, I couldn't. Why? Because as I started to fill my arms with test pots and cute little Anne Sloan paint cans a little voice said to me. How much paint do you need?
Was it the voice of was my hubby, damm I knew I should have come here by myself.

Oh well I did manage to buy some Old White, French Linen, Duck Egg Blue, Paris Gray, Dark Wax and Clear Wax. I was eyeing some other stuff in the store too when I got the look. You know the look that says ok hun I am ready to go, I have been in the girly store a whole 15 minutes, and I think you have spent enough money look. lol

The Passionate Home

I reminded him that I had spent the day before at a hunting ATV expo kind of thing, where almost every booth had dead animal heads mounted on the wall. That earned me another 15 minutes in the store and a trip to two thrift stores and one antique store on the way home. His trade off for that was dragging me to a car show. I acted like it was dragging but to tell you the truth I love looking at the old cars too.  Its the couples trade off thing and we make it work lol
(I want to mention that Brian does not hunt any longer, he was looking at the ATV's) We are both animal lovers and only hunt with a camera)

I did manage to score a couple of things this weekend on top of getting my paint.

Found these little cuties at a thrift store, got them for $3.00

And one can never have enough planters and at $1.50 each they were a great deal

Remember this hallstand, it was originally yellow and I had stripped off some of the paint, but I didn't like the wood underneath so I decided to paint it instead

Here it is painted in Anne Sloans Old White
This was my first time using Anne Sloans paint and I love the old white
If I was keeping this I would distress it a bit and use dark wax on it
But that look does not see to sell very well in this area, so I will be leaving it the way it is
Currently for sale on Kijiji for $325.00
And I did come home with a few things other than paint from my travels this weekend. Plus I got to spend some quality time with my hubby. But it was good to come home I missed my lil Maggie so much, And by the reception I got home I think Maggie missed her Mommy and Daddy too.

I also want to add that the Passionate Home is such a pretty store, I wanted everything I saw in there. We got there just as the store opened and it did not take long for the store to have quite a few shoppers. I love the way the store is designed and decorated, even the location is cute. I will be going back for sure (without hubby sshhh ) I would love to take the time to attend one of their painting courses and I think that might be in the plans for the future

And now on to my next painting project, chairs, bench, table, nightstands ..........

Hope everyone had a great weekend
Were you browsing yard sales
Or catching up on projects
Or just enjoying the sunshine

I hope whatever you were doing that you had a great time


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Second day of Summer

It was nice to have a break from all the rain we have been getting. Today was hot and sunny and it was so nice to be able spend sometime out doors. Hubby is off for two weeks and it is nice to have him home. We spent the whole day outside and enjoyed a yummy bbq supper where he could sit and relax and not rush off to night shift.
3 more days till our trip to the coast to pick up Anne Sloan paint. I am pretty excited. It may sound silly but I feel like a kid doing the count down to Christmas lol
I can not wait to start painting and try out all the different colours and waxes.
I am also excited about having a weekend alone with my hubby, we have a pet sitter for the two days. We have a great pet sitter who comes and stays at our house and Maggie loves her. So it's kind of like a little vacation for Maggie too, she gets a break from us. And we can have a relaxing time and not worry about her or our house.

My thrifty finds are going to start dwindling down in the next few weeks as I catch up on paint projects. But I have a couple of bargains that I picked up this week to share with you.

 I picked up a small stool and coffee table for their cute curly legs, I hope to take these off and use them on another project,only paid a few dollars for them. Kristy from 4 the love of wood, has me looking for cute little feet everywhere now

Picked up this little step ladder for a steal, not sure what I will use it for yet, but I plan on painting it and finding a use for it

Found this little cabinet at the flea market and had a lady trying to scoop it on me but I got it. I love the hardware on it and I think once I paint it and make it look a little older it will look like an old ice box, I want to add to it either on the top or the bottom. I will show you after I come up with something and after it is painted

When I saw this pretty little hamper at the flea market I fell in love. The lady that sold it to me said it will look great with a little paint. I told her I loved it just the way it is and would not think of touching it, isn't it cute with its vintage flowers

I tried to take a pic of the front of the carving and it kept coming up blurry
no matter how many times I took the pic. The sun is shining on it and I think its just the reflection on the stain.

In this picture you can see all the detail of the carving

I found this wood carving at a thrift store all covered in dirt and dust. It had just come in and apparently had been sitting in someones garage for a while. The thrift store told me they almost threw it out, so I got it for 10 bucks.  I brought it home and cleaned it up with some restore oil and it looks great. It is a wolf carved into the wood , I gave it to hubby for fathers day and he loves it. There is a hole in the back so we think we might be able to hook up some kind of light through it. I have enough protection on it that I think it can go outside once we move to Ontario. But we will have to see hubby might just put it in the man cave lol 

Will be sure to post all about my trip to the Passionate Home and let you know how much paint colours I come home with. We may hit a few antique stores, fabric stores and yard sales along the way too. poor hubby, he may wish he was still at work lol

hope everyone is having a great week and that the sun is shining where you are


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Time to get on the Anne Sloan band wagon

I have been looking at so many gorgeous items on other blogs, furniture painted with Anne Sloan paint. I have been eager to try it on a few pieces that need a makeover. I would have tried it by now except for the fact that it is not sold in Kamloops. I have found a few stores about 4 hours away that sell it and i was just contemplating ordering it and having it shipped. Then hubby mentioned that he wants to go to an ATV and hunting show that is going on in Chilliwack this weekend.(I should mention he does not hunt, only with a camera, he wants to check out ATV's) I am an animal lover and hate hunting
 I checked Mapquest and one of the stores is only 45 minutes away from Chilliwack. So this weekend I am going to check out The Passionate Home and buy my first samples of Anne Sloan paint.
The hard part is going to be picking which paint to buy. I am going to get a few sample jars of different colours and I am definetly buying lots of Old White and some Dark Wax. I am almost glad its going to rain or else hubby would want to take the motorcycle. With the car I can stock up on paint and maybe a few more things , just don't tell him, poor boy thinks I am getting 1 can of paint lol

I was trying to figure out how much paint I need, so I made a list of projects and it made me tired just reading it.

I am going to start with these projects, this hall stand has been in my garage for months  

I had originally planned on stripping this down but now I want to paint it with ASCP in old white

I want to paint these with old white and french linen
and reupholster the seats

I am not sure what colour to use on this table, may try a few combinations

I am thinking I might dry brush these chairs so the black will show through

This is just the beginning of the list, I can not believe the amount of pieces that I have lined up to paint. I think I need a spray painter too, oh honey !!!

Will post these pieces as soon as I am finished, next week is going to be hectic.  Maggie is going in for some tests next week, poor lil girl is having hip and knee problems which are common in bulldogs. We are hoping the specialist will have some good news, we are having her spayed while the vet has her sedated. We don't want to breed her now because we do not want her pups to inherit all of her health problems.
We had planned on letting her have one litter so we could keep a pup for her to have a playmate, that was before all of her health problems, which she will pass onto her pups
And the breeder we got her from won't return any of our calls
If you are going to get a pup have your own vet check the puppy out.
All of Maggies health problems were most likely passed to her from her parents and the breeder was probably aware of this

Our poor little girl has had so many health problems, I am so glad she got us as parents,
and not someone else who wouldn't have done as much as we have to give her a better quality of life.

I will also take pics of  for those of you who are big fans and have not been able to go there
I am pretty excited about going there and can't wait to see what they have

hope everyone is having a great week


Saturday, June 16, 2012

GET OUT OF BED , It's Yard Sale Day

Yes my car has looked like this on more than one occasion, admit it yours has too lol 

Do you own more tools than your hubby

Do you have more paint brushes than decent underwear

Do you have more cans of paint, than you have shoes

Have you actually said to your butcher , is that your best price?

Do you know the people at the thrift store and the hardware store by name

When your watching a movie are you checking out the furniture and the decor

Do you dream at night about your projects, ideas, painting and furniture, your blog

While others are sleeping in on Saturdays are you out scouring yard sales and flea markets

Have you been at the flea market before sunrise

Is your garage full of  things that you can't get rid of because you know one day you will use them

Did you answer yes to most of the statements ........

You know you did lol

It truly is an obsession and addiction but I would not have it any other way, I love it

I love the thrill of the hunt and the rush when I purchase an item, for a great price

And I love giving these items a new look, a new home and a new purpose

I decorate my home with these finds, they all have a history and a story and that makes them unique

My home is filled with things I love and things that make me happy, they are quirky, mismatched and not one particular style, but its my style and I love it

And I hope that the people that buy my projects enjoy them just as much

And like my title says it is Saturday and that means YARD SALES

Are you still reading, I said YARD SALES .............get shopping people, I'm not here, I am out getting all the good deals

Happy Picking , Have a great weekend ,  Hugs

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thrifty Thursday with a twist

I am trying to cut down on my purchases and spent the last two days cleaning out the garage. We will probably move back to Ontario in the fall and I have to start downsizing. So you may not see as many thrifty finds but hopefully you will see more completed projects.

I have a bunch of stuff for sale online right now in my attempt to make more room in the garage. Alot of my thrifty finds are items that I buy with the intent to resell. I can't keep everything I find that would make me a hoarder. And as I keep telling my hubby I am not a hoarder because I do sell stuff. Hey its my story and so far he is buying it.

Believe it or not this is the garage cleaned up
I have the treadmill for sale and it is going hopefully by tomorrow
and the high chairs and table on the left and brass bed are also for sale
I don't just sell furniture sometimes I buy other things that I think I can flip for a quick sale and profit
The back of the garage is full of empty boxes and bins that we need to keep to repack some of our stuff to move back. They take up a lot of room but they are necessary so I work around them 

I am still hunting for fabric for my white chair and the two farm chairs that are hanging will be painted and upholstered in the same fabric

After I finished cleaning the garage I worked on a few other small projects.
You saw in a previous post how the lampshades turned out,  ooops
Apparently paint can not fix everything lol

The other small project I did was to make a small sign I have wanted to make for a while
I had this small plaque that said Welcome on it and I painted over it to make a new sign.
forgot to take a before pic
(must be my week for oopsy's)

I started with this print out of the font that I wanted

Then I traced the letters on to tracing paper and transferred them onto the wood after I had painted it white

Then I painted the letters by hand with black craft paint, I also wanted to add something to make the sign not so ordinary

I thought adding this skeleton to key to the sign would look good, but the weight of the key is too heavy and makes the sign lopsided when you hang it
So I am going to paint the key on the sign instead using the same procedure I used with the font, trace and paint
The hardware on top of  the sign I took off a dollar store sign that I picked up for....wait for it... a dollar lol
I know the Q is a little quirky but thats ok so am I

key traced onto wood, yes there are holes in the wood but thats ok I want it to look like an old sign with some wear and tear, as you can see I have sanded the wood a bit and the letters to make it look at little worn

Now that the key is dry I will sand it and the rest of the piece one more time

Sign finished and hanging up

I love how this turned out and now that I know how easy it is I may do more signs
I have a larger board that I would love to make into a sign for my future home business
and I plan on painting Tobey's Trash or Treasure on it once I pick a font

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was a simple project and fun to do.

Anything you have been putting off?


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Loving the blog "4 the love of Wood"

I wanted to share with you a blog that I have just recently started to follow. Kristy is the creator of this blog and she also lives in B.C.
She is a very talented lady and I love her ideas and her creativity. Check out her blog and you will see why I am a big fan.
(I am new to this link thing and I hope this works)

I wanted to share some of the projects that she has on her blog and in her showroom, she has given me some great ideas for future projects.

Do you have an old set of nightstands that need a makeover, I have a set very similar to these two and Kristy has inspired me to try to make them as gorgeous as she made her set.

see what I mean below

Kristy took these two night stands from this

To this, aren't they gorgeous
The design on the botton is from an old mirror frame.....
see what I mean, this lady is resourceful, creative and my new mentor

And if you don't have some old night stands to work with, how about making some from an old desk

This lady is so smart, who would have thought of doing that, I see these desks everywhere

Can you see why I am addicted to this blog and why I will continue to follow Kristy and her blog for more creative ideas and inspiration.
I also can't wait to go check out her showroom. I love the fact that she is also in BC and that she is close enough for me to go see her incredible talent in person.

Here are my nightstands that I plan on making over, I picked them up for $15.00. The hardware which I think is gorgeous I found in a bin at a thrift store downtown, it cost me 75 cents. And I am hoping once I paint these night stands that the hardware will just pop, right now they blend into the gray.

I have decided to buy some of Anne Sloans paint for these, so I will have to either order it or drive to Langley to buy it. I have been seeing alot of things painted in the colour Old White and I want to try it. I will probably bring home some of her other colours and waxes to try them as well. So these won't be done right away, but I will post as soon as they are completed. I also have to hunt for cute little feet for them.

hope everyone is having a great week, happy picking and painting