Friday, January 25, 2013

Hubby is handy after all, who knew?

Hubby has been off this week and I have put him to work helping me with a few projects. I don't feel comfortable using powers saws, especially since seeing my brother in law almost cut his thumb off two summers ago. So I leave that job to my hubby who is more skilled with the cutting saws.

I have been working on clearing out the garage of projects that have been sitting waiting for me to get to them. Part of the reason they were sitting in there was because I needed hubby to help me. The shocker this week is that he worked in the garage with me for two days. And we are both still alive and talking to each other, it was actually very pleasant working together, go figure.

And we accomplished almost everything I wanted to do. With very little nagging.

I had bought these nightstands and before I painted them I needed some repairs. They were originally part of a desk so there was some wood pieces missing.

Where the two sides attached to the desk was missing a piece so hubby cut a piece to fill in that part
And see that little white dot, well there was a small square hole there
So we filled it with a small piece of wood that I will fill and sand
and you will never know it was there after it is painted
I love the waterfall look
 now that the holes are all patched up I can paint them and give them a new look
Might try something different with these babies
Will post them as soon as they are done

I picked up two night stands last summer and have been searching for little feet to add to the bottom
Trust me it is not as easy as it sounds, took me months to find some
I ended up buying two step stools to get the curly feet and they were not easy to find either 
But I did find them and hubby has added the wood to the bottom of the nightstands
so I could secure the feet in place
Don't they look cute with the feet, now I know why Kristy from 4 the love wood does this
Now all they need is some paint and new hardware
I will post when these cuties are all done
Can't wait to get started on these
I am sorry for teasing you with all of these not completed yet projects
But I do have one lil beauty for you to see
And she is all done and ready for her new home
 I found this hope chest at a local thrift store
It was tucked away in the back and no one wanted it because it was a little lop sided
Someone had cut off the back legs
Don't ask me why some people do what they do, but never the less it was done
and because it had no back feet I got a screaming deal
So with the help of hubby and of course Maggie who was supervising the job
We now have front and back legs on the hope chest
I have been painting so much with and white and grey lately
I decided to try something different
On my last trip to pick up paint I bought a few test pots of ASCP
This colour is called Primer Red
And one little test pot did two coats on this hope chest
you gotta love that
The cedar inside was in excellent shape just needed a good cleaning
The logo is from a company called Huppe from Victoriaville Quebec
I thought the red on the outside suited it because the cedar inside had a red tinge to it
I added some appliques and put new knobs on the front

And here she is all painted and waxed and ready for her new home
I am very happy with how it turned out
And I think I am loving this red, it was hard stepping out of my comfort zone
But it was fun to try a new colour
I think I am liking this experimenting with other Anne Sloan colours
now what colour should I try next
Versailles maybe
or Graphite
Hope everyone has a great weekend
Happy Picking and Happy Painting
And my lil sidekick Maggie
(who just woke up and does not want her picture taken)
can you tell

Monday, January 21, 2013

What you don't see and how its done

If you have a blog or you refinish furniture you know that there is a lot of work that is done before you show your finished projects online.

But if you are just starting out and you want to learn how to refinish furniture here are some tips.

Most of the furniture I buy is fairly clean, but sometimes I get pieces that are dirty. Some are also damaged, stained or full of spider webs, or full of stickers. So a lot of cleaning and prepping is done before hand.

This is instructions for furniture that you are going to paint

1. First remove all hardware and put it in a baggie or container and label it (nothing worse than losing your hardware or not remembering what went with what piece)
2. I wash everything with TSP and let it dry
3. Next patch any holes or gouges with wood filler
4. Let this dry overnight before sanding (sometimes more than one application is needed)
5. Use an electric sander for big jobs or sandpaper for smaller jobs
6. Clean off all the dust with tack cloth or cloth
7. If your using Anne Sloan paint you do not need to prime (regular paint prime your piece with one coat of primer, some sanding may be required)
8. Paint your first coat and let it dry, 2 coats might be required, let dry
9. Anne Sloan paint requires wax to seal it, use this very lightly , let dry
10. if distressing do this after the wax is dry
11. If your not distressing buff the wax with a cloth till you have a nice shine
12. Anne Sloan paint can be used to update hardware too
13. Put your hardware back on or install new hardware

And there you go, it is not as hard as it sounds, and you will have an amazing piece that you did yourself.

And here is what I am working on in the house this week
If we get nice weather I have 4 more projects ongoing in the garage he he
I swear every room in my house has an ongoing project in it

I love the design of this table and the gorgeous legs
Kristy of 4 the love of wood has me hooked on these curvy legs
And everywhere I go I look for little feet to add too furniture
Here it is with its first coat of paint
I plan on using dark wax in the grooves and clear wax to seal it
the table is painted with Anne Sloan Pure White
It needs some kind of graphic for the top doesn't
It looks like something is missing
Any ideas?
This table had lace modge podged on top
It looked pretty but was a pain to keep clean
It was a real pain to remove who ever modge podged did one hell of a job
and I had to sand it a few times with the an electric sander
to get the top smooth
I love the design on the legs on this table as well
I can't wait to get at this cute little smoke stand
I am eager try some new colours of Anne Sloan
but I am keeping this so I want to paint it to go with other stuff in my home
And as you know I have really been favouring white lately
But I might try something different for this
I bought some Anne Sloan Versailles and I am eager to try it
will post when it is done
I found this mirror for sale online and I fell in love
I plan on painting this white because I will be keeping it for my home
The same lady had two wall hangings that are very similar to the mirror
so I bought those as well
Don't you just love it when you go to buy something and score other good deals too
I love it
I wasn't sure what to do with them until a friend suggested
hanging them over a doorway
I think that is an excellent idea
I am going to paint them and will be hanging them over a doorway or window in our new home

Here is one of the wall hangings not painted yet
Aren't they gorgeous
And here is one painted with two coats of Anne Sloan Pure White
I am going to use dark wax on this as well to bring out the details
What would you use these for, do you like my idea or do you have another, let me know.
I have a few little projects on the go this week and am hoping hubby will help me with some carpentry work I need done.
There is some stuff I can't do
I know shocking isn't it lol
I got him to come with me to Home Depot and pick up what I need and he did carry it to the garage
but thats as far as it got
Its a little hard to get my hubby motivated to help me
I know other bloggers have cute names for their hubbys like
Mr. Handy or Mr Fix It
But I am afraid my hubbys nick name would have to be
Mr. Runawayfromwork
Mr. I will do it tomorrow
Mr. Couch Potatoe
I think you get the idea
I dream of the day that we can work side by side in the garage
without killing each other of course
Hope everyone had a great weekend
Happy picking Happy Painting


And my little side kick Maggie
Maggie is entered in a contest for the Kamloops SPCA on facebook
The winner will have their picture posted on all of the SPCA donation boxes
If you think Maggie should win please go on their site and vote for Maggie by clicking like
Maggie says thank you  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby its cold outside

The weather here has been unbelievably cold, minus 12 the last couple of days. It has even been to cold to take Maggie for walks, which means Maggie is as bored as I am. So today even though it was still bitterly cold I had to work in the garage before I went stir crazy.

I have been working on a few things in the house but needed to do some sanding, which I can not do in the house. I can not wait for spring, or even some plus zero temps would be nice too. But in the meantime I will have to make do with what it is. COLD

I found this rocking chair at the thrift store and knew it would look so good made over
And I was right. I painted it with Anne Sloan pure white, my favorite colour
I have seen this fabric on a few other peoples projects and I fell in love with it
I think it looks amazing on this rocking chair
And this chair is so comfy, going to be hard to give it up
I know some people don't like the waterfall look, but I love them
And they look amazing made over
 I love how the waterfall dressers look painted
I thought this little stool that I had saved in the garage would look great with the water fall desk
Here is the stool painted with Anne Sloan Paris grey and with new foam and fabric
The fabric is black and white toile and I think it looks stunning on the stool
And here she is in all of her glory
I do have a mirror that would go with this to make it a vanity
But I am going to sell it as desk and see how it goes
The middle drawer opens as well so that makes it a 5 drawer desk
Now she just needs a loving home
Hope your having nicer weather then we are
and that you are not suffering in the cold
I swear the day I get a heated shop I am going to live in it
Happy Picking Happy Painting
And my sidekick Maggie hanging out with me in the garage and trying to keep warm

Friday, January 11, 2013

I was featured on Better After

I have had some interesting things happen to me in the last few months, first,  I won a contest on Canadian Pickers. I had entered a pick of my hoosier in a "Show us your best pick contest" and my name was picked.

Congratulations to Tobey McCool on winning the Canadian Pickers prize pack! Your name was randomly selected in our 'Best Pick' contest. Stay tuned for the next contest CP fans!

Some of my friends saw it online before I did and they sent me message congratulating me. It took me a while to figure out what they were talking about.

It was exciting to see my name and my blog mentioned on the Canadian Pickers facebook page. I never win anything so I was pretty excited. I didn't even know what the prize was when I entered.

I won a prize pack which came in the mail Christmas Eve, it consisted of a Canadian Pickers Tshirt and coffee mug and autographed postcard of Sheldon and Scott. I asked if Sheldon and Scott could deliver it, but I guess they were busy lol

I know some of you might think its not a big deal, but I never win anything so I was excited to win.

The second exciting thing is that alot of my furniture that I had for sale at Iron Orchid Designs has been selling. The owners have told me that people come in asking for my stuff , that is pretty exciting.

Here are a few items that I have put for sale in the store



Then today I had my blog and one of my upcycling projects featured on the blog Before and After.
This blog is one of my favorite blogs and I am honoured to have one of my projects featured on there.



This is what was written
Four things I like about this little makeover from Tobey at Tobey’s Trash or Treasure.
#1. the white chalk paint
#2. the gray numbers on the drawers
#3. the original handles
#4. And how she replaced that ridiculously awkward-looking foam seat cushion with something that actually looks comfortable and covered it in a kicky print to match the numbering on the desk, and tied the whole package of cuteness together. I give it four thumbs up! I don't really have four thumbs, but pretend I do. Actually, don't, that's weird.
I tried to add the link to take you right to the post about my project, but can't figure out how to do it.
So I am afraid with my computer skills this will have to do
I can't be good at everything you know lol
That one even made me laugh
Some people might not think that these are big accomplishments
But to me they are very exciting
I love upcycling furniture and I love writing this blog
and when good things like this happen
it reinforces in my mind that this is what I was meant to do
And I will keep doing this along my body lets me
Thank you to Canadian Pickers
and Thank you to Better After , one of my favorite blogs
and thank you too all that follow me and encourage me and rejoice in my accomplishements

and my sidekick

Who is loving all of this snow 


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dream, Dream Dream

I had hoped to post my completed vanity and desk for you today. But they are still works or progress because a few days ago I got hit with the flu bug.
I have worked on the drawers in the house and recovered the seat cushions, but have not felt good enough to go out to garage.
So I have been spending a lot of time on the couch and spending my days with Pinterest.
I love Pinterest, I love to spend hours dreaming and pinning the house I would love to have

Come take a little trip with me to my dreamland

Welcome to my dream home, come on up the driveway

 To my humble abode
 So glad you are here, please come in, I will give you the grand tour

You can sit by the fire, or curl up with a good book
Or come hang out with me in the kitchen and have a nice cup of coffee
 If you need to freshen up please make yourself at home in my glorious bathroom
 Let me show you my master bedroom, you say you could live in here
yes so could I
 If you would like to stay for a few days, you can make yourself at home in the guest room
 Don't worry about the kids we have lots of room for them in the grandchildren bedroom
Lets take a stroll out to the yard
Here is my favorite spot to enjoy a few quiet moments in the morning
Before I head out to my sales barn
 where I operate my furniture and vintage sales business
 and I welcome other vendors to set up as well
 When I am not in the barn you can find me in my workshop
I hope you have enjoyed spending sometime here, please come sit by the fire and have a glass of wine and put your feet up and relax
Thanks for coming along with me to dreamland 
Someday this will be a reality
Hopefully before I am too old to enjoy it
And Maggie
Apparently Maggie is doing some dreaming of her own