Thursday, November 21, 2013

Almost lost my little girl

Most of you that have read my blog know who Maggie is, she is my lil English bulldog. She is my sidekick and we are together 24/7. Other women accessorize with jewelry or purses, I have a bulldog attached to me. Bulldogs have lots of health problems and Maggie has sure had her share. She has been having a problem with her right knee, giving out on her. The vet suspected the muscle was torn and we booked her surgery to repair it. The surgery went fine and they called me to come get her.
Just before I got there Maggie started breathing very rapidly and her heart rate shot up. By the time I got there she was in full distress. The next few hours were terrifying and I almost lost her. I asked everyone to pray for her and I prayed to Brian to watch over her and save her. After everything I have been through these past few months I could not lose Maggie too.

The doctors sedated her and put her on oxygen, she had a bit of fluid on her lungs so she was given meds for that too. She had to transported to a 24 hour care hospital, so my brother in law drove and I stayed with Maggie. They kept her there and I stayed until she was stable, and she finally pulled through. She is home now and recovering from a very horrible ordeal. I am playing nurse and spoiling her with lots of love and affection.

Here she is with my sister checking her breathing and heart after she came home.
Mommy is being a worry wart. You can see her stitches and where they had to shave her, poor baby
Here she is getting some well deserved rest. She is eating a drinking and seems to her cute little self. So I think she is going to be ok. Going to take a few weeks for the leg to heal
In the meantime, I am still house searching and still looking for a place to paint. I did have the opportunity to paint for a store here in town. But after weighing all the pros and cons I decided it was not the right fit for me.
I have picked up a few gorgeous pieces that I can't wait to paint once I do get a place.
I miss painting so much, and it is so hard to just sit here day after day.
Here are two of the pieces I have picked up
Currently all I could do was add them to the storage locker
Can't wait to paint them
I bought this from the same lady that had the drop down desk above
I am thinking that I might have to keep this one they way it is
What do you think? Would you paint it?
 Maggie will be keeping me busy for the next few weeks.
I am really hoping the perfect house comes along, I don't even care if it has a garage anymore
I would be happy even if it just had an extra room I could paint in
I hope everyone is doing good, and that life is treating you well
hope to start posting on a regular basis now
and my precious lil girl
Maggie on her 6th birthday
November 17 2013
My lil princess