Friday, October 18, 2013

Home and Healing in Ontario

Well Maggie and I are finally back in Ontario after a very long cross country trip. Making a car trip across Ontario is long enough, but doing it with a full car load of house stuff and a bulldog is not fun. I should not complain, Maggie was very good. But after driving all day and Maggie sleeping by the time I pulled off the road at night and checked into the motel I was bagged and Maggie wanted to play.
Packing up the house was also not fun, and dealing with the movers was a nightmare. None of my stuff was damaged but their price doubled once the truck was loaded and weighed. This was an added expense I did not expect and I am still mad about what I had to pay. Two Men with Big Hearts became Two Men with NO HEART real fast.
Here are a few pics I would like to share with you

Maggie was not happy that I was throwing out her favorite chair to sleep on
but that ugly chair was not coming with me
I promised her a new one but she was having a hard time letting go, as you can see
My house was a maze of boxes and bins for about a month
Moving is not fun and once I get my own place I am never moving again
I have never moved long distance with a mover before, and two days before they arrived they informed me that everything had to be boxed, all mirrors, pictures lamps etc
I was totally overwhelmed but my good friend Colleen came over and helped me to box up 12 mirror boxes and two wardrobe boxes
thank thank you Colleen
Mirror and nick nack addictions are not fun when you have to move
Here are all of my treasured belongings packed onto the moving truck
this my friends is why everything has to be boxed
so it can all be stuffed into the truck
God help me
Being a hoarder does not help with moving either
in case your counting, there were 32 plastic totes lol
what is in them, who knows
I was very organized the first couple of days
then exhaustion hit and half of the bins aren't marked and they are a mish mash of everything
I can't find anything in the storage locker
Maggie was not sure if she wanted these guys taking all of our stuff
I should have followed her keen animal instinct
if your dog does not like people, you should not trust them either
they turned out to be heartless crooks
Here is a pic of Maggie in the car, poor thing the car was so packed
She won't even look at me for the picture, she says, I hate you, I hate this car
And I don't want to hear we are going to Aunt Karen's anymore you have been saying that for two days, where the hell does she live ?
Here she is a little happier, at Motel 6 with her own bed and a new bone to play with
Travelling isn't so bad now she says
Yep I love Motel 6 lets just stay here for a while zzzzzzzzz
It was the perfect time of year to drive through Northern Ontario
the colours were amazing
Wasaga Beach huh, well this is not so bad after all she says
And after some minor adjustments to our new home
(Like Maggie knowing which door to head too to go outside)
Maggie and I are getting settled in at my sisters
And I am taking some time to relax and recover from the events of the past few months
And try to figure out where our lives go from here
It is so nice to be around my family my children and grandchildren
I miss all of my friends in Kamloops, but they know I love them all
And they knew how much I needed to be around family
And I am going to get my creative juices flowing again soon
I need to paint, it is food for my soul
And eventually I will get my own home and Maggie and I will begin our new lives
But for now we are healing and spending time with our loved ones
I have missed all of you and I hope you will stay with me
I have no idea what life has in store for me
But I hope you will come along with me
I know all of you felt my pain and your kind words
helped me through my darkest hours
My followers and fellow bloggers are very much like family
and I count you among my blessings
I hope to be posting on a regular basis now
And also hope to have some new projects to show you as well
I hope this post finds all of you happy and healthy
look forward to hearing from all of you
And lil Miss Maggie
who is getting ready for Halloween
doesn't she look like she is into it lol

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