Friday, May 25, 2012

I wonder if this is how Annie Sloan got started?

Most of you will remember that I can not find chalk paint in this area so I made my own and it worked really well. I have also seen quite a few projects done online with Annie Sloan's dark wax. Well Annie Sloan products are not available in this area. You can order them from a town about 4 hours from here, but the price for the paint is about $40.00 a litre and then another $40.00 for shipping costs. I know the paint and the wax will last for a quite a few projects but I am just to cheap to pay all of that. So I figured if I can make chalk paint, how hard would it be to make dark wax.
I have paste wax, that was about $9.00 for one tin, I added some black craft paint and some glaze that my daughter had sent me. I mixed it up in a small container and it sure looked like black wax to me. I tried it on a piece of wood and let it dry, it tinted the wood the way I wanted it too.
So now came the big test, I tried it on a chair I had just painted and it gave it the look I wanted. Once it was dry I went over the whole piece with clear wax to seal the chair which was painted with my home made chalkpaint.

This is what the chair looked like when I bought it, I am not into the green but I liked the style of the chair. The fabric is pretty but not what I wanted for my diningroom.

Here is the chair with a coat of primer and two coats of my chalkpaint

I don't know if you can see the dark wax effect in this picture, but it did bring out the detail in the curves of the legs and the detail in the back of the chair. I didn't want alot just enough to tone down the white paint and age the chair a bit.

I am quite happy with the results, not bad for home made dark wax if I do say so myself. Maybe I should start a line of my own paint and waxes lol
Annie Sloan seems to have the market on chalk paint and waxes, maybe she needs some competition lol

Here is  the chair finished except for a little bit of sanding to distress it and the fabric, I laid a piece of fabric over the seat for the picture. I want something similar to it, I want a vintage looking material with faded roses. I am still hunting for the fabric and will post a pic when the seat is recovered.
One chair done 3 more to go

I saw this fabric online and thought that might work for the chairs

And I saw this fabric too, I think you get the look I am going for, now I just need to find the fabric around here

These chairs will be painted in white and have the same fabric
I know they don't match I don't want them too, just in paint colour and seat fabric.

Remember this little stool that I got for $2.50

Here it is all pretty, I painted it with my homemade chalkpaint and sealed it with clear wax.
Yes that is the material that was on the green chair in the first picture, I don't like to waste anything (whole point of upcycling don't you think ) and it is a pretty fabric. The fabric was not something I wanted in the diningroom but I think it will look cute in my bedroom with the vanity. So I removed it from the chair cushion and had enough to recover the seat of the vanity stool. The top of the stool lifts off and there is a little compartment underneath.

And here is the stool with my vanity, the vanity is in my sunroom. Our bedroom here is too small for the vanity , but I am taking it back to Ontario and I hope our bedroom there is bigger than a postage stamp. I think the stool looks so cute with the vanity.

The garage is still full of projects that need to be worked on but at least these two are done now

Time to do my non rain dance so I have nice weather to work on stuff outside for the next couple of days

Hope everyone has a great weekend, if your bored you can come paint with me lol
or better yet come entertain my demanding little bulldog so I can get some work done



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