Sunday, July 3, 2011

July already where does the time go

I really am disappointed that I can not share a bunch of finished projects, I am currently working on a few at the same time, but nothing is finished. Have sold quite a bit and had a yard sale and set up a table at the flea market and really downsized the garage. since then I have purchased a hall seat stand in shaker style, it was painted yellow yuk so i am currently stripping that one, lots of work. Still working on the green dresser but unfortuantely i need some carpenter work done on the top that is really warped, so that is on hold for a bit, don't have the tools or the know how to repair that will have to have someone do that. My little bulldog Maggie has had two surgeries this month, one to help her breath and one for an eye injury and with a death in hubbys family that has been demanding alot of my time as well. Losing a close family member is heart wrenching and I still can't believe she will not be in our lives anymore. Jeannie loved all of my finds and my projects and got just excited as i did over the great bargains I found. I feel your loss very deep in my soul Jeannnie.
I also have my eye on a hoosier cabinet that is over 100 years old, it needs some refinishing but not much, a hinge and a knob and some cleaning up, but it is incredible and I want it so bad. I have been comparing prices of ones for sale in antique stores and the lady that is selling it has it priced fairly. I would love to have it to store all of my baking supplies and unique items that would look great along the top of the cabinet. just have to justify spending that much when i am trying to save to take a trip to ontario. Might have to sell something else to balance it out.
As for stripping the hall stand, it only has one layer of paint but it has spindles along the top and sides and they are a bitch to strip, they are very close together and it is so hard to get in there with the stripper and the steel wool. but I will keep plugging away at it because i know it will look incredible when i am done.
I am going to try to complete some projects this month, did I mention I have also made a deal with the landlord to paint the outside of the house and the garage for free rent for a month,trying for two months not sure if he will go for it, why do I do this to myself. I need to be cloned, or hire an assistant someone that will work for free lol