Sunday, May 6, 2012

Made my own chalk paint

I love to read other blogs and get ideas for furniture makeovers. Everywhere online I read about projects being painted with chalkpaint. I have read how it is easy to work with and makes distressing furniture so much easier. So I think to myself ok I will go to the paint store and buy some chalk paint. Well 4 paint stores later, no chalk paint and no one knows what I am talking about when I ask for chalk paint. 3 stores tried to sell me chalkboard paint to make chalkboards and one guy brought me a container of sidewalk chalk lol .
Don't even get me started about glaze, no one had any idea what I was talking about. So I came home and googled chalk paint, and found a recipe to make my own. So it looks like I will be making my own chalk paint for now and still hunting for a store that sells glaze.

Ok back to the chalk paint.. Mixing flat latex paint and a bit of unsanded grout I managed to make my own chalk paint. I mixed about 2 cups of the latex paint with about 4 tablespoons of grout, make sure you mix it up and get all the lumps out.  Everyone was right it was easy to work with and easy to clean up after. I painted a small shelf unit and I distressed it a bit and the chalk paint does work great. It works great for distressing because the paint does not peel when you are sanding.

Before pic, I picked this shelf up for 2 dollars at a thrift store, all it needs is a little bit of love

                                    I put two coats of paint on the shelf after a bit of sanding.
                               (please don't look at my messy garage, space is an issue in this garage)

              Slighty distressed and finished off with paste wax to seal the chalk paint,
               paste wax, I could find

This corner needed something to fill it up, this shelf does the trick and now I have a space for a few of my vintage dog statues.

Now I wonder if there is a recipe online for glaze ??

Kamloops may not sell chalk paint but I do find some interesting things here and I have met some very talented people here too. I have to tell you about two of these people, their sites are on facebook and I don't know how to link from here to there, so you will have to go to facebook and check them out. Nicole (Ms Green Designs is also on Etsy, she is so talented and I have two chairs she is going to recover for me. I can't wait , I suck at upholstery so I am so glad I found Nicole.

here is a sample of Ms Green Designs work

                                                    Aren't these chairs gorgeous

                                       This chair is oh so cute and Nicole did an amazing job

Another amazing woman I want to tell you about is Bobby Jo, from Sew Tied Up. Bobby Jo and her Mom upcycle mens old ties into hats, scarfs, purses and more, she also reupholsters with the ties as well.

here is a sample of Bobby Jo's work of Sew Tied Up

You have to check her out on facebook, she has so many more amazing items for sale
Aren't these gorgeous, they are such talented ladies, and I know this home business is going to be very very busy, and very successful, please check them out on facebook

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I went to a section of Kamloops today that had a subdivision yard sale, about 400 homes, lots and lots of walking, and more walking. I am exhausted and most of the stuff that I saw for sale was junk. But I did manage to find a few great items, which I will show you on Thursday, in my Thrifty finds Thursday.

Have a great week




  1. You have an amazing talent! I always look forward to what's new with your treasures.

  2. Thank you so much Barb, I love doing the blog and its nice to know I am not the only one reading it. As for my treasures, I really love working with furniture and am going to miss all the great stores here when we go back to Ontario.