Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wow has a whole month gone by already

 I can't believe that I haven't posted in a month, I guess I have been so busy with my projects and yard work since the weather has been so nice. I have completed a few of the projects that I bought for resale. The girls bedroom set is restored painted and sold, the little girls desk is finished as is the babies dresser and change table. I have decided to clear out some of the garage and basement and have a yard sale this weekend, we will see how that goes. I am eager to do some things outside but wish we weren't renting this place so I could go crazy and do whatever I want. We are thinking that even though we are only here for a year we might try to find a cheap place to buy that needs work and buy fix it and flip it when the contract is over. that should give me lots to do, the only thing is most of the places we have looked at don't have garages and i need one.
I find trying to divide myself between wife, bulldog Mom and caretaker and furniture restorer is sometimes a hard one, i don't have enough hours in my day for what I want to do and need to be cloned for the things I have to do. The problem with having a 3 year old bulldog who is like a spoiled demanding toddler is 3 years olds grow out of it and maggie won't lol Everytime I get set up to start a project she wants me to play with her and entertain her, thank god hubby is off for two weeks so he can play bulldog Daddy and let me get some stuff done.
i found an amazing dresser vanity at the salvation army and only wish the bedroom here would fit it, but hopefully one day i will have a bedroom bigger than a postage stamp, in the meantime the dresser is in the sunroom along with my hutch that won't fit in the diningroom lol (its a very small house, but on the river with amazing views and huge yard so that all makes it worth while.
As I was saying gorgeous dresser, also found an old iron bed frame that I have bordering the garden right now and I also found an old Raleigh bike that was built in 1969 that i had orginally bought for the garden but it is in too good a shape for that i may just ride it. I am up too 5 antique dressers now, i hope one day to turn two of them into bathroom vanities, and I have also picked up a gorgeous wooden chair I can hubbies throne and vintage rocking chair. I scored another porcelain light to go with my set, that I also hope to use once we buy a house, and a couple of tractor seats and milk can. As I sit here writing this I know I should be working on something out in the garage but its a cloudy day and I have my coffee and I am watching the robins and the geese in the yard and i think this may be a day of rest and relaxation, tomorrow will be a busy day getting everything ready for the yard sale, and we all know the yard sale day is going to exhausting. so today I will give my tired body a rest.