Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thrifty Thursday in May

Hope everyone is having a great week, the weather has been amazing here, love love spring. My hubby is off for 2 weeks after working 4 weeks straight. We are planning a couple of bike trips and we are going to the rodeo on the long weekend woohoo cowboys. I love our bike trips, the only downfall is there is no room on the motorcycle for stuff and we always see such unique stores when we are on the bike.

I mentioned in my last blog that I went to a huge neighbourhood yard sale. It is an area of Kamloops where they have a subdivision wide yard sale, about 400 homes participated. I saw everything at this yard sale, not only did people sell their junk, but they also did other things to attract buyers. I saw one lady giving manicures in her driveway, one other house the women dressed up in wedding gowns and had a sign saying Brides Gone Wild. They were selling their junk plus baked goods, pop and water and the proceeds were going to Breast Cancer. I did not bring my camera, sorry pics would have been good.
Many other homes had barbeques and were selling hotdogs, hamburgers, sausages and popsicles for the kids.

Because this is a yearly sale and many people know about it they come prepared.  Lots of women pulling wagons to hold their purchases, lots of people in comfortable shoes pushing or pulling carts. This is a big subdivision and it was alot of walking, I gave up after a while and drove around. Driving around was not easy, there were people everywhere and they would just wander out on the road. But I had a good time, expect for when I got lost and couldn't find my way out of the subdivision lol . My thrifty finds for this week are from my yard sale adventure in Junipter Kamloops British Columbia

Aren't these the cutest little milk cans you ever saw, I love the patina on the rusty one

Here is my little milk cans new home, this area just needs flowers, there are two milk cans there now and a metal tire rim, two tractor seats, metal wash bin, metal chicken and bird house made of sticks. Do you think I have enough stuff in this flower bed lol, I can't wait till we move to Ontario and get our own place for all of this stuff. My hubby isn't so happy about hauling all of this stuff back, poor boy, how do I break it too him that yard sales just started, I think we are going to need a transport truck to take everything home lol

I saw this cute little frog in her bikini and I knew she would look so cute on my yellow milk can

I also found these antique chairs, somebody painted them pink then black and guess what colour I am going to paint them. If you guessed white you are right, I think when I sand them the black and pink will come through giving them a great look

Aren't these chairs gorgeous

I found these little metal chairs at a thrift store, I haven't seen these since I was a teenager. These are made from pop cans, they were quite popular in the 70's and when I saw them I had to buy them. The large one is a rocking chair and the front one is a little love seat. Have you seen these before, did you ever make one yourself?

I hope everyone has a great week, happy picking and yard saleing, hope to have more paint projects for you soon



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