Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some of the things I love and more about me

Welcome to my addiction , my obsessions I mean my collections

For those of you who don't know me I thought I would tell you a little bit about me and then share with you, some of the things I love.

I am 54 years old and the mother of 5 grown children and 3 step children.  I am the very proud grandmother of 5 grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren. I have been married twice (practise runs lol) and now live with the man I was meant to be with, Brian, we have been together for 6 years, our child is a 4 year old English Bulldog named Maggie. We live in Kamloops, BC, Maggie and I have been travelling with Brian and his company for 5 years now. This is my last trip with him, after this I plan on staying in Ontario and Brians company will fly him home on his time off. I miss my kids and grandkids and I am very eager to have a home base where I can run my business out of. And spend more time with family and friends.

This is a picture of my family, children from left to right Jake(son), Lynn (daughter inlaw), Jason (son) Stacey( daughter), Jarod (son), Chris (now an ex son in law), Jodie (daughter) and  Patricia (daughter inlaw), Missing from the picture are Phil (son in law) and Sarah( daughter in law). and Brians children Dayna, Bryan and Hannah.
And my darling grandchildren from left to right, Justin, Jaime, Kyle and Casey (holding his dog Pugsly) and Julie in the back being held by Dad (Jason)
Maggie came into our lives 4 months after this picture was taken

I look at this picture of my family and can not believe that I created this group of people. My children are no longer children and my grandchildren are growing so fast. I miss all of them very much and can't wait to move back to Ontario so we can get together more often. My children are my greatest accomplishment, but I can not take all of the credit, they are all pretty amazing on their own.

I am hoping to open a sales barn and host barn sales during the summer. Here is a peek at some of the things  I love to collect, and some of the things I hope to sell in my sales barn.

These are some of my favorite things, I am really loving the white distressed or chippy paint look in my home. When people meet me they may be surprised that I love antique and vintage things, because I am usually in jeans and a harley shirt. Although I have never dressed girly I love to have pretty things and things that have history or a story in my home. And yes I love to hop on the bike and tour around the country with Brian. The only thing wrong with being on the bike is no place to put the stuff I want to buy. Brian likes that part lol

Here are a few more things that I love to collect, kerosene lamps, silver candle holders and tea cups and 3 tier cupcake or candy dishes. I love old and I love vintage

This is my Toby jug collection, I love these and hope to pass these down to my children, if your wondering why there is an indian statue in there, its a statue that was painted from a portrait of my grandfather in his indian head dress, his last name was Tobey, which is where I get my name and my father collected Toby jugs and I always liked them, mostly because of their name of course

I am not sure where this owl collection started, I think the owls found me, but now I look for unusual owls and have to buy them

This is another collection that started with one or two lamps and it just kept going, the white lamps are my favorites

I can not resist embroidered table cloths, napkins and pillow cases, I don't have the patience to do it so I love to find the beautiful work of others

I also love to collect porcelain pots pans and coffee pots, I display them on my hoosier, which is probably my favorite thing in the house, well besides Brian and Maggie they are pretty special too

This a combination of my porcelain collection and vintage collanders and vintage kitchen gadgets

This is my hoosier, it is 110 years old and full of all of my bakings supplies, I love this hoosier

I hope you have enjoyed a peek at my family and all of my treasures, I have loved sharing all of this with you.
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to see you here again.



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flea Market was a huge success

Welcome to my Thrifty Finds Thursday

Last Sunday I set up my booth for the first time this year, weather was gorgeous and the flea market was very busy. I had a great day and the day was a big success, I brought back alot of empty containers and was very happy with my sales. Because the flea market has only been up and running for a few weeks, I put an ad on kijiji advertising a hoarder sale (an idea I borrowed from Mandi of Vintage Revivals) and listed the location of the flea market, I also posted a few pics of my stuff including my chalkboards. I told everyone to look for a beige pickup and a red head. You would not believe how many people came to my booth and said they saw my ad. A young couple getting married saw my chalkboards and loved them. They came to my booth and bought all of my white chalkboards and I have been commissioned to make one for their wedding menu. I was so happy they liked my chalkboards and that I can be part of their wedding plans. I am going to have them come over and see some of the other stuff I have that might go with their theme. They are a young couple with the cutest little girl, so I gave them a great price on the menu chalkboard and I will lend them what ever else they need to make their day special

I meant to take a pick of my full truck, but it was dark when I left the house, and then I was so busy I forgot to take a pic of my booth . I set up at the flea market at 6 am so I was pretty tired when I got home. It's alot of work getting everything ready, packing setting up and then taking everythinng down and them bringing what is left home.

here are a few things that I sold
These gorgeous antique chairs were in mint shape. The girl that bought these chairs loved them, they were a great buy. I knew I wouldn't be bringing them home.

These are the chalkboards that the bride and groom bought for the wedding and this is the mirror that they want made into a chalkboard for their wedding in August.

I am going to paint the framed corners white and sand them a bit and then chalkboard the mirror. I am so happy that this couple chose my chalkboards for the wedding. I am going to meet with the bride whose name is Amy, I think I may have a few things I can lend her for her wedding that will help go with their theme.

I am so anxious to clear out some more stuff this weekend at the flea market so I can get back to my painting projects. I am slowly making more room in the garage and as far as the basement is concerned, I can actually move around in it and I can see the floor in one room and the carpet in another, so thats good lol

And here are my thrifty finds for this week

Isn't this mirror gorgeous, I got it for a great price, I think the seller thought the colour and a bit of damage made it unsellable, but I saw how beautiful it can be and I was so excited to find it. I can't wait to get started on this mirror. This is one I want to keep so I am thinking I will paint it white and distress it a bit, there is a bit of gold in the purple paint that I am hoping will come through with some sanding.

I picked this cute little table up for a few dollars, yes the top is black, someone (I am thinking a teenager) just painted the top black and left the rest stained. And they did not do a good job painting it.  I am going to paint this and maybe distress it a bit. We will add this to the growing list of projects that need to be done.

Last week at the flea market I was so busy I did not get a chance to walk around and see what the other vendors had for sale. I kept seeing people walk by with stuff they had found, and I was like, damm I would have bought that. So this week I am hoping I can drag my hubby with me for a few hours so I can shop a bit woohoo

Happy Picking , Have a great week


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Thrifty Thursday

I have been busy getting ready for my booth at the flea market on Sundays, sorting packing pricing and organizing. The flea market started a few weeks ago but the first few weeks are usually slow until the word gets out that the flea market is up and running. I toured around on Sunday and checked out some of the other vendors and checked out the crowds to make sure it was busy enough. This Sunday is supposed to be a warm one so it will be a great first day. I will post pics and let you know how I make out. And because I can not go to a flea market and not come home with something, my flea market finds from last Sunday will be my thrifty Thursday pics.

I bought two milk cans at the flea market, this one without the cap and the bronze one below with a cap.I love milk cans and love to use them in the yard. once all of my flowers are planted in the pots and containers these areas will look gorgeous.

I love the patina on this bronze milkcan

Check out these half barrels, I am not sure where I am putting them but plan on filling them with flowers for sure, I got a great deal on them and think they will look great here and maybe at our entrance way of our new home. You know the one we don't have in Ontario yet but dream of having when we leave Kamloops lol

I started collecting bulldog statues because of our sweet little Maggie, and while collecting I come across other cute doggie statues that I could not resist. I now have a small collection of vintage dog statues. I found these gold poodles at the flea market on Sunday, I paid 3 dollars for them. The dogs are stamped Japan which means pre 1950, anything after 1950 will say Made in Japan.

Maggie and I have been outside everyday enjoying the beautiful spring weather, the yard is almost finished and after a few weeks of flea markets I plan on getting back to painting and my projects. My first project is going to be my chairs that have been sitting in the garage waiting for me to turn them into something beautiful. I have 3 chairs and could not find a forth one to match so I am looking for one that is close in design and once I paint them and recover them hopefully they will look like a set.

Here is a peak at what the chairs look like now..........

Until next time, hope everyone has a great week, happy picking, flea market shopping and bargain hunting


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursday already where did that week go

I have come in contact with something I am contagious to in my yard, so I have been homebound for a few days with a very irritating rash on my face and arms. I am going a bit stir crazy but have tried to keep busy. I hope everyone else has had a better week than I did. We have narrowed it down to one flower bed which I am staying away from, and hopefully this will clear up soon.

This is kind of a thrifty find as everything she is wearing I did pick up at thrift stores or flea markets

Meet Mable , protector of the garden and yard

Maggie was outside the whole time I was making Mabel but still growls at her when she comes outside lol


Isn't she the cutest thing you ever saw, her head is a gord with a burlap grain sack over it and her hair is glued on and so is her hat. I did not have straw so her body is a metal frame with wooden dowel running from her head down her back. She has plastic bags stuffed in her legs and arms and plastic table clothes in her body. I have her tied to the bike so hopefully we don't lose her in a strong wind. Her face is painted on and I sprayed polyurethane over it so her makeup won't run in the rain.

The bike Mabel is on was a vintage find, it is a Raleigh 3 speed and after researching the serial number on the bike I have determined that it was built in 1969. I bought it and the beautful bedframe in the garden from the same man for 50 dollars. I love them both, I had hoped to use the bedframe but it only fits a double bed and both of our beds are a king and queen. So for now it will grace the ends of my garden that has been planted but not growing yet, and Mabel will guard the garden and the flower beds and hopefully scare the bear away at night too.

I am still working on my magnetic chalkboards and wanted some letters to write messages to advertise them for sale at the flea market. I am searching for more scrabble letters if you have any you are not using I would love to have them. I have found a few but need more,here is a sample of what I am doing with them. I think this is a great use for them, I have even seen them made into necklaces and bracelets and earings. probably why I am having a hard time finding them.

I found some very cool sketches of BC the other day at Salvation Army, there are five of them in frames (which I may replace) they are dated 1975 and signed by the artist. I have emailed the artist to find out more about them but have not heard back yet. I think they will look great hung up in Brians future man cave and they will certainly be beautiful souveniers of our time in BC. I would never tell the artist what I paid for them because I paid under 6 dollars for all five which is an insult to how beautiful they are.

They are titled originals 1975 and the pictures are sketches of Lake Louise, Mount Rundle, Moraine Lake, Mt Eisenhower, and The Three Sisters. If I hear back from the artist I will let you know more about them.

Happy Picking have a great weekend, hope to be healed from this irritating rash soon and have some painting projects for you to see


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flea Market time is almost here

In my search for unique items for my home I come across some amazing deals, which I buy and resell. I tried a yard sale last year but it was a lot of work and not much success. Then I rented a table at the flea market and sold lots of stuff. So over the winter I have accumulated quite a few items to sell this year as soon as the flea market opens. I am hoping to sell a few of my chalkboards and mirrors as well.

The hutch and the deer antlers are not going to the flea market just don\t have room for them anywhere else

                                             More yard sale items stored in the basement

I have been busy with the yard and have the garden planted with a few rows of peas and carrots and a few rows of wild flowers. I will add more stuff in the next few weeks, and I planted a few plants i bought over the winter. I don't have a lot of flower beds so I do quite a few potted plants, most of them I brought into the house for the winter and they all survived. I do have one flower bed but I didn't plant it last year because I got poison ivy and I blamed it on something in that garden. My hubby cleared out the flower bed and i planted a few bulb plants and did not touch anything but the earth and guess what? Yep I got poison ivy again, have it on my face and arms, it is not poison ivy but the rash is very similar to it. I went to emerg and got pills and cream right away to battle it, the last time I had it I suffered with it for 5 weeks. I pray I do not get it that bad, those were 5 weeks of itchy rashy hell.

here is hubby helping me to get the garden ready for planting, he has a touque on so his cute little bald head won't sunburn lol
 It is half planted and I am trying to decide what to put into the rest of it tomatoes and who knows, maybe more flowers, I love fresh flowers in the house

The stand up ashtray full of bird seed is a big hit with the bird and as you can see the Geese too
I have named this couple Fred and Ethel, they are in my yard everyday and night, all seasons. When the ashtray is empty Fred will honk at me and tap his beak on the ashtray lol
The other day he was following me around the yard honking at me for more food and I guess Maggie didn't like it so she started towards him and I had to break up a Canada Geese Bulldog standoff

This our woodpecker who visits daily, he has red wings and is beautiful to look at when he flies over the yard

This cute little couple is also in our yard daily, they are so cute to watch they are always together and I have named them Rick and Lucy

And lets not forget the cutest backyard animal of them all our lil Maggie who likes to sunbathe on the deck , she is sitting in front of a pair of whicker rockers that I picked up for 20 dollars, they are faded from the sun and I plan on staining them to keep the natural look and protect them from further damage. I love them and they are very comfy.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Unique Finds

I love finding unique things, the other day while out for a drive Brian and I came across a small antique store. I found an old picture in an oval frame, its says on the back of the picture Mrs George Ferguson, like all old pics Mrs Ferguson is not smiling. I fell in love with the black and white photo and chipped frame and now Mrs Ferguson is hanging in our home. I wonder about her life and how her picture came to be in that antique store. If my kids do not read my blog, years from now when I am gone they are going to be trying to figure out who Mrs Ferguson is and how she was related to us lol. I could write on the back of the picture where it says Mrs Ferguson that she is not related to us and that I bought her pic with the frame, but what fun would that be.

 Mrs George Ferguson, I don't know her first name so we are calling her Mrs. Ferguson, I think she looks like a Martha, what do you think?

I also found a beautiful press back chair, the seat needs to be reglued, but that is a minor fix. I love the carving on the back of the chair and hope in my searches that I can find three more just like this.

I also found a very cute little table at the same store, I grabbed it as soon as it came in the door and while I was paying for the chair and the table about 5 other people tried to buy them lol. At 5 dollars each I think you would have too. What a great deal, did I mention I love Salavation Army

I have been busy doing yard work and getting the garden planted, and cleaning out the garage to be able to get back to work on my painting projects. In the meantime I am going to share a past project with you. I get alot of people asking me how I do my distressed projects so I will share some tips with you.
Distressing furniture is alot of work, if your piece has layers of paint then you scored big time, and all you have to do is paint your final colour on top of these layers. Then after the paint is dry completely, sand in areas that would normally wear over time. Then chip away at the paint with a paint scrapper or screw driver. You can bang on it with a hammer in spots, some people hit the furniture with chains, anything to make it look old and beat up. This is time consuming and so is the sanding so take your time and it will look great.
If your piece does not have layers of paint then you are going to have to add those layers of paint yourself. Choose the colours under your top layer carefully, they will be the colour that you see when you scrape and sand, so it should be a colour that looks good with your decor and with the top paint colour. (dark green and black and dark red are very popular for distressing)

Once all of these steps have been completed you will want to seal the piece so the chips of paint will not come off and to give it a further aging process. I use paste wax to seal my pieces, if you use this make sure you use a clear wax or one with a tint depending on what you are looking for.The paste was will also give it a bit of a sheen.

This was my latest distressing job, I love this dresser so much it is in my livingroom and I use it as a TV stand and storage.

Happy picking and painting