Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year to all of you

2012 was a good year for me, my blog has grown and my business has been successful. My family has been healthy and safe and everyone is doing well. What else could anyone else ask for, I guess I could ask for riches and fame, but I don't want those things I just want to be happy and have my children and grandchildren live happy healthy lives.
I thought I would do a recap of my year for you in case you missed some of my projects

2 dollar thrift store find becomes very cute nightstand table, with the help of Anne Sloan French Linen Chalk paint and new hardware

And this table which was ready for the trash, gets a new look with some old ochre chalk paint and graphic transfer from the graphic fairy
This vanity was hard to give away, I fell in love with it after its makeover
I love using chalk paint to paint mirrors, mostly because they look gorgeous after but also because you do not have to tape the mirrors. The chalk paint just washes right off
I fell in love with chalk paint and started trying it on everything
There were lots of mirror and chalkboard makeovers and mason jar candles
And this coffee table become a beautiful bench
And this old mirror got a whole new look with some pure white chalk paint
This dresser got a new look with some paint, but then I took it one step further and painted the union jack flag on it. This was a lot of work but I love the outcome, and so does the person that bought it, so that makes me very happy
And this yellow crackle dresser because a gorgeous entertainment centre
This maple desk was in excellent shape but was outdated. So with some chalk paint and some painted letters and new fabric for the chair cushion this desk got a beautiful new look
This vanity got a new look with french line paint and some graphics. I added a mirror and a stool and some new fabric and brought it all together.
Someone said to me once that it was obvious that I loved what I do
And I really do
I love taking something that others might have discarded and give it a new life and a new look
I hope you have enjoyed taking this trip back with me over the last year
I want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year and much success and happiness in 2013
Happy New Year
May all of you love what you do and live the life you love
and love the life you live
 Maggie says Happy New Year too


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Do you make New Year Resolutions?

Wow has it really been 9 days since my last post. I guess Christmas has consumed a lot of my time.

So tell me, do you make New Year Resolutions?

Every year I say I am going to lose weight and eat healthy and every year it does not happen.
Well this year I am going to do it.

I have gained a lot of weight since we moved to BC, I think alot of emotional eating, combined with skipping meals and eating at late hours has been the culprit. I am also on medication that might also be to blame for some of the weight gain. Plus I live with a junk food junky and I have no will power.
When you get to the point that none of your clothes fit anymore, and you won't let anyone take a pic of you, and your deleting all the pics of you because you look fat in them. Then it is time to make some changes.

I want to lose weight to not only feel better but to hopefully eliminate some health problems as well.
I am on blood pressure medication and thyroid medication and I also suffer with osteo arthritis.
Gaining weight has put extra pressure on my ankles and it has caused bone spurs. Bone spurs hurt like hell and take along time to go away.

I have been researching different online diets and would really like to here if any of you have tried any and how you made out.

My sister is going to try Weight Watchers, but I don't think that's the one for me. I like the idea of having the deliver to your door meal program, no weighing or portioning. I usually do not eat breakfast just a piece of toast and coffee and then I skip lunch. Then I eat a big supper with hubby and snack at night when we watch TV. This is the routine I need to change.

At this time of year every second commercial on the TV is showing different weight loss programs. And it is hard to choose which one will be right for me. I am not going to join a Gym, that has not worked for me in the past. I have bought exercise machines for home and never use them.
My doctor has suggested Aquatics to help with my arthritis, but if she thinks I am putting a bathing suit on in public she is insane. Maybe after I lose a bit of weight but not right now.

So tell me have any of you tried any programs out there, what has worked what hasn't. I know walking is a good idea and I plan on doing that once this bone spur settles down. And the two feet of snow we have melts a bit.

I am eager to change some of my bad habits and my routines and spend more time taking care of me. I spend to so much time taking care of my hubby and Maggie that my health and my weight has taken its toll.

When the kids were at home and I was working full time I was more active. Since I am home all day now I am not as active as I should be. Sure working on my furniture keeps me busy but it is not exercise. So now it is time to take sometime to work on me. I want to start feeling better about myself and I want to improve my health.

I thought if I write about it in my blog that it will help me stick with it and be more determined.
As a mother of five I have never been skinny skinny, and my two sisters are close in size to me and so was my mother so I know some of it is genetics. But a few years ago I was in good shape and although I was no model I felt good about myself. I am going to use those pics as my goal as to where I would like to be.

Here are a few pics of when I felt good about my body. I think it is unrealistic to try to look like I did when I was a teenager. But more realistic to look like i did before most of this weight gain. If I drop down below that, well great but I just want to be healthier and not embarrassed to have my pic taken or depressed when I look in a mirror.

Mexico 2007
You can see the weight gain has started
These were taken about 5 years ago and although I was not skinny, I could wear sleeveless shirts and shorts and not be embarrassed.
When I tried to find a recent pic I had a hard time finding one. Because I am so ashamed of the way I look I won't let Brian take pics of me and when he does I delete most of them.
I think that is pretty sad that out of the 3 years we have been in BC this is the only pic I could find of our time here
I have taken myself out of our memories and that is sad
It is time to put me back into the picture
By posting this I have not only made myself accountable to myself but to you as well.
So now starts my journey to take better care of me and to get back to feeling good about myself
hope you will take this journey with me
If you have suggestions or want to share what has worked for you please I would love to hear about it
Happy New Years
and if your new years resolution is to lose weight and get healthy then maybe we can do this together
Wishing all of you the best in the New Year
and here is to a happy healthy 2013
who could probably benefit from losing a few pounds too lol

Friday, December 21, 2012

From the bottom of my heart Thank you

Two years ago when we came to Kamloops for my husbands job, I knew no one. My blog, my followers and my fellow bloggers became my connection to the world. When I was lonely and I wanted to talk, I could blog. It helped me to not feel so isolated.

To all of my followers, whether you joined my blog or just read it from time to time.I want to say thank you for being here with me. In these two years my blog has grown, I have 30 followers, and I am so flattered that all of you took the time to join my blog and too follow me. I never would have dreamed that anyone would want to hear what I had to say. I want all of you to know how much you mean to me. You have helped me to believe in myself and to try new things. I truly love what I do and I am glad you have stayed along for the ride.
I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year. I love hearing from you and would love to know more about all of you. Please stay safe and healthy, and I hope your holidays are filled with family and friends and good times and thank you again for being here with me.

Thank you
Danelle,Chris, Margaret, Lori, Angela, Barb, Sandy, Darabsky, Kelley, Shelly, Karen, Dayna, Linda

 Becky of Changing it Up
 Peggy of The Painted Pear
Diana of Vintage Cove Girl
Sandra of Beneath This Roof
Snow White
Claudine of
Tonya Chirping with Excitement
Kathryn of Dewdrop Gardens
Creative Carmelina
Betsy of My Salvaged Treasures
Teresa of Coonie and Bees
Sarah of Barn Chic Antiques
Reg of Toad- ally Rescued and Revived
and my mentors
Suzy of Simply Vintageous
Kristy of 4 the love of wood

To my fellow bloggers, your blogs have inspired me and have given me the drive and the tools to try new things. I love that I have all of that knowledge and talent right at the end of my finger tips. All of you have become my online friends who I can turn too for ideas and help if needed. I love escaping into your blogs and seeing all of the incredible talent and creations that all of you have made. Your blogs have made me laugh and made me cry but mostly they have given me strength. I have grown so much in these last two years and I want to say thank you. For showing me new products, new ideas, and for helping me to expand my knowledge and critique my talents.

And to all of the people that have helped me to sell my products and to those of you who were gracious enough to buy my upcycled treasures.
Thank you for support and encouragement
Bobby Jo of Sew Tied Up
Jada and Wynona of Iron Orchid Designs
Shannon of The Rusty Nail
Nicole of Mood Design Studios
Marie of Beneath The Monkey Tree
and so many many more
Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year
and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart
and of course my side kick Maggie

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Decorations with meaning

Last year we did not have a tree and we only put up a few decorations. This year I wanted a little bit more, even though we miss our families and our kids, I wanted to decorate the house.

If you read my previous posts you will know that I decorated the whole house and bought a few strings of lights for the outside all at a thrift store. Hubby didn't want a tree, I heard all the excuses, living room is too small. There will be pine needles everywhere, its just the two us do we really need a tree. And I thought I guess he is right, we really don't need a tree.
Then one night we were sitting around and I was on Pinterest, my favorite site. I saw a very cool DIY idea to decorate instead of a tree. So out to the garage I went in my jammies and hauled the wooden ladder in the house. My hubby who was watching a movie and laying on the couch, gave me a strange look. He said what the heck are you going to do with that. I said I am going to decorate it and use it as a substitute for a tree.
He looked at me like I had completely lost my mind, "your kidding right, you are not really going to decorate a ladder".
 Nope, not kidding.

I strung two sets of lights on the ladder and then I put some coloured lanterns on the steps. I had a metal star that was grey and I gave it a quick coat of ASCP pure white. I put a few glass ornaments on the steps as well and hung a few from the lights. I rigged the lights up so there is one inside each of the lanterns, so when the lights are on it looks like the lanterns are lit up.
Hubby kept shaking his head as I was decorating, and he kept muttering something about a sanity hearing lol . And Maggie growled and barked at it for most of the evening, but I love it.
It has lights, ornaments, a star, a tree skirt and a spot to put the presents. Everything a tree has

Here is a pic of it in the daytime.
(don't look at the ugly couch, I bought that when I thought we were only going to be here 6 months)
I love my ladder and it makes perfect sense to me, I upcycle and I am DIYer, so why not a ladder tree
Are you on board with it?
Or will you be testifying for hubby at my sanity hearing, that I really have lost my mind hehe
This is on the opposite side of the living room, you can see the ladder refection in the mirror
I found quite a few decorations that go quite nicely with my white colour scheme
Here is another pic of the tree, this was before I painted the star white
Most of you probably know that I follow a lot of blogs but I have a few favorites
One of my favorites is
Simply Vintagous
Suzan is hilarious and I love her funny stories about her and her hubby
And I love to see her creations, she is amazing
My buddy Suzan had a Christmas decoration that she had made and I knew I wanted to make one too
She had taken an empty frame and added ornaments to it
It was so pretty that I told her I was going to make one too

Here is Suzans, isn't it gorgeous
I have quite a few empty picture frames, but I decided to use an empty window frame instead
This picture frame only has two mirrors in it, the rest of the window panes are empty
I intend to replace the empty panes with mirrors
but for now I am using it like this for the ornaments
This weekend my mind was on nothing but the horrible tragedy that took so many lives in Newton Connecticut
I am still so very sad over the loss of so many young lives
With this in mind, this ornament is in remembrance of them
I have put 20 sparkly glass icicles for the fragile innocent lives that were lost
And I have put 6 silver ornaments for the teachers and staff that also perished
I know there were 2 other lives lost that day
but I am still too angry to feel any sympathy for those two lives
yes his mother was a victim too, but I blame her for having those kinds of weapons in the house
And I know he was not mentally stable, but I am not ready to feel sorry for him
You may not agree with me, but that is how I feel
This morning we woke up to 19 centimetres of snow
It was a pretty site though, so I took a few pics of the yard
This is a shot of our back yard and the river
it was snowing pretty heavy when I took this pic
Here is a pic of the neighbours yard
I had to shovel away a small area in the snow, too put feed down for my little ducks
Maggie made her own path in the snow
Maggie had a fun snow day
And it tired her right out
and on that note Maggie and I say goodnight
Happy picking, painting, decorating, and playing in the snow
and Maggie says good bye too zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz