Thursday, May 17, 2012

Freaktastic Furniture

Two posts in one day, you lucky lucky followers lol

I wanted to enter the freaktastic furniture challenge on , so I decided to designate this post to the challenge.

I bought a baby dresser online really cheap and had plans on repainting it and selling it. That was before I saw it. When I got to the womans house to pick up the dresser, I couldn't help but notice something a little strange about the dresser. From the front it looked like a normal small dresser, but when I looked at the back, the design and the wood told me that this dresser was old. Because the drawers were peeling the lady gave it me even cheaper, I guess my poker face did not show her how excited I was looking at the dresser. Even when I got it home, my hubby looked at it and said its a piece of crap, why did you buy that?

This is the back of the dresser untouched, to the seller this was a flaw, to me it was a lightbulb going off in my head saying I am a treasure waiting to be discovered, I have history and charm take me home

This piece of plywood was nailed over top of the dresser, it was yellow, not one to waste anything you can see I have used it as a base for a spray painting job, I did not take good before pics of the dresser, I am trying to get better at taking before pics.

These pieces of pressboard were nailed and glued over each one of the drawers, lots of nails and glue

this is the dresser after I removed everything, it is an ugly yellow colour with lots of nails holes, definetly needs some lovin

This is the dresser refinished, all nail holes patched, glue scrapped off and painted and waxed, do you see the gorgeous design on the drawers that was covered with the pressboard. I decided to go with the wear and tear it already had and distress it, after all it has gone through an ordeal and I thought that should show.

The dresser had the original wood knobs on it, I thought they should stay

I painted it with an antique white and kept the original nicks and scrapes and wear and added a bit of my own distressing.

I have this dresser in my livingroom and it is one of my favorite pieces, I can not believe someone would have covered up this gorgeous old dresser and I am so glad I found it and revealed its hidden  beauty.
My hubby could not believe that this was the same ugly dresser that I brought home for 10 bucks

happy picking, look beyond the ugly for the treasure beneath