Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What do I do all day ?

Where did May go, did you have a list of things you wanted to do in the month of May. Well I certainly did and unfortunately I did not get to check all of them off my list. It seems like I never stop during the day but I just can't get caught up. I swear I work harder now that I am not working at a job then I did when I had a job.

I have actually had people say to me, aren't you bored what do you do all day lol. Well there are my soap operas and then laying on the couch eating bon bons........ seriously people.

Here is an account of my day, I get up at 4:30 am make hubby his breakfast and his lunch and drag him out of bed and send him off to work. Then I feed the dog, and take her out for her morning ritual. While I am out there I fill the 3 bird feeders and put clean water in the bird bath and feed the ducks, put out the trash and the recycling. Then back in the house for laundry, dishes and house work, have a shower get dressed and then back out with the dog.

Bye dear, be safe and have a good day at work
this pic was taken in March, see the leaves on the grass, I raked leaves and cleaned up the yard for a good month
 this is my driveway now

This is Maggie who acts more like a toddler than a dog, Maggie wants to be entertained constantly and she thinks I should be that entertainment and play with her, she is a demanding little thing (our fault, we have spoiled her since she was a pup and we still do )

After all of that I head out to the garage and work on stuff for a few hours, then while Maggie naps I run errands, do groceries etc, then back home to entertain the dog.
It is in the afternoon while Maggie naps that I try to hit a few thrift stores and on weekends I try to hit some yard sales.
We live on 3/4 of an acre of property and that takes some maintenance, watering and grass cutting. I weed the garden every couple of days and clean patio furniture, because we have a million birds that fly in and out of the yard....and I clean up after the ducks and the geese, I think you get the picture.

My workshop/ garage
(see the pic of this hutch all finished at the end of this post )

A few of my feathered friends, I have named these two geese Fred and Ethel they are here everyday and stay all winter

And this is Ricky and Lucy who are not supposed to be in the garden, this is their way of saying there is no feed left by the bird feeder

part of the property, the pool is not operational, landlord says it needs to much work

side yard and garden

Driveway and house
If I have time I try to squeeze in some more work in the garage before I have to get supper ready. At night after supper when the dog is resting and hubby is vegging on the couch I try to get some computer time or work on projects I can do in the house. I also have ads on kijiji all the time selling stuff, so I have people coming here to view items and pick them up.That usually happens in the evening because people want to come after they get off work, but sometimes they want to come during the day.

My husband works 12 to 13 hours a day for a month straight without a day off. Its a hard way to earn a living so I do everything around the house . When he gets home he eats and then he is asleep, poor boy is so burnt out. When he gets his two week off he tries to make up for it by doing some of the stuff I can't do around the house. Yes there are some things I can't do, but not much lol

As I write this I am watering the lawns and rotating the sprinklers every 15 minutes, takes me about 2 hours to cut the grass and about 3 hours to water it all.

Yep I am bored all right...............

While I am venting lol Does this ever happen to you and how do you handle it?

I have a beautiful hutch for sale right now on kijiji, I have to sell it because it is one piece and too big to haul back to Ontario. I bought it last year and painted it inside and out and added new hardware. I am asking $200.00 for it, which I believe is a steal because it is gorgeous and offers so much storage.
Well last night a girl emailed me and asked if I would take a $100.00 for it and could I deliver it?
Its a good thing she asked me in an email and not in person lol. I emailed her back and said NO to both.
I guess she had to try, but it really bugged me, still does. I am hoping she does not email me back because I don't want her to have the hutch now. I know its silly, but I put alot of sweat and work in the hutch. And I also buy alot of stuff on kijiji and I would never ask someone to deliver something and also insult them by trying to get it for a ridiculous price .
I bet she thinks I watch soap operas all day too lol

This is the hutch she called about that I am selling for $200.00

I painted the hutch with black milk paint that I could not find in BC and had to order from Ontario
I added the vintage hardware, the hutch has tons of storage and a plate rale on all shelfs

ok thanks for letting me vent , now I really have to get back to my couch and my soap operas, where did I put that box of chocolates


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