Saturday, March 30, 2013

Being old is only good for Antiques

The other day I fell off my deck, if anyone had of been around with a video camera I am sure I would have made America's Funniest Home Videos. I have to say I love my metal wash bins that I plant flowers in, but not when I land on them. I didn't break anything, well a plastic flower pot but nothing on me. But I have been so sore the last few days I feel like I was hit by a truck.

This is what I landed on, not exactly a soft landing
I was just not paying attention to what I was doing and tripped

And I am black and blue and every muscle hurts. Getting old is no fun, it is a lot harder to bounce back from stuff like falling, it hurts a lot more than it used too. Being old is only good for antiques and collectibles not for people, who are somewhat of a klutz.

But my garage is full and I don't have time to sit around and feel sorry for myself. I have been waiting for nice weather to come so I could work outside. And this week it has been gorgeous everyday, hot and sunny. I have quite a few antique dressers and I decided it did not make sense to haul them all back to Ontario. So I decided to part with one and give it a makeover.

Don't you hate when you don't take a before pic because you think you have one, then you can't find one anywhere arrrrrrrrrrggggggggg
I have owned this dresser probably for two years and I don't have one pic of it , how does that happen

Sorry but this is the best I can do for a before pic
The dresser was in great shape but had lots of water stains and marks on the top
I don't know who does this too wood
I had to clean off nail polish and some kind of black tar substance off the top too
I was going to paint the dresser white and the drawers a light grey, but after I painted it all white for the first coat.
I decided to keep it white
I added two small appliques to the part of the dresser that the mirror attaches too
Just to add a little more character
The dresser was in excellent shape and some of the hardware was there
I had to replace the knobs on the top two drawers
And here is she all done and looking very pretty in white
I painted it in Anne Sloan pure white
I was going to distress it but decided to leave that up to the purchaser
Not everyone likes that look and I didn't want to limit my buyers
It is actually hard to part with this, I love the look of it
At one time I was going to keep it and make it into a bathroom vanity
but I have to cut back on what we are going to move back to Ontario
Do you find it hard to part with your pieces too ?
Especially after you fix them up
I am taking today off from working in the garage
To rest you might think, but no
I bought a cute little cabinet that I am picking up today
And it is Saturday and it is nice outside
So you know what that means
I know the garage is full and I am still downsizing
but I have to have things to work on to sell
hey that's my story, and hubby is falling for it
I am off to check out yard sales
Hope everyone has a great weekend
Happy Easter
And please be safe if your travelling
and watch out for those decks
(and no I was not drinking when I fell off the deck)
but trust me I could have used one after for the pain
Maggie would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter too


  1. Aw Tobey, I am sorry you fell - I agree it's much harder to bounce back these days! I love the dresser! Have a happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Peggy, I always have a million things on my mind and was not concentrating on what I was doing. I used to get injured a lot as a child too, always running everywhere, guess nothing has changed lol
      The dresser did turn out nice didn't it. Happy Easter to you as well. hugs Tobey

  2. OMG Tobey - how awful!!! Too bad a quick coat of Annie Sloan paint can't make you all better ( at least it would cover the bruises though, you poor thing lol )
    Great great call on leaving that dresser white - she's a beauty !
    Have a happy - black and blue - Easter my friend!
    Big hugs from Montreal

    1. Thank you Suzan, feeling a little better today, going to take the day off from painting and so some shopping. Happy Easter to you and John as well, big hugs from Kamloops. xo

  3. Aw.....sorry to hear that you fell,I hope your pain & bruises will go away quickly!!!

    Your dresser turned out SO pretty, I agree with Suzan it was a great call you left her all white.
    And Maggie, she just made me smile:)

    1. I am bruised from my knee to my toes, but could have been worse. I could have broke my leg, bruises will heal. Thank you, I think white was the perfect choice, you can't go wrong with white.
      Maggie makes me smile everyday, can not imagine my life without her, she is my entertainment, she is so funny and so loving.
      Thanks for the comments Sayuri, hope you have a great weekend. hugs Tobey

  4. Oh dear! I hope your feeling better soon. Looks like it's not slowing you down too much. The dresser looks amamzing with a fresh coat of paint.

  5. Thanks Robin, My leg and foot are black and blue but I am not as sore as I was. The dresser had a lot of marks and scratches on the top but you would never know it now. It does look great with a fresh coat of paint doesn't it. thanks for the comments Robin. hugs Tobey