Monday, March 18, 2013

Under the paint

Sometimes I think that I should put a tag somewhere on some of my pieces saying do not strip off the paint. Those are the pieces that were in bad repair and look like someone used them for a dart board. You know the ones that you have to fill all kinds of nooks and nicks and gouges with wood filler before you paint.

I keep thinking what if one day someone gets in the their head that they should strip the paint off and stain this. Oh My God would they hate me then. I am working on one of those pieces right now, it has a nice look to it but lots and lots of marks in it. Looks like someone took an exacto knife too it in spots, who does this to furniture.I know the guy at the thrift store thought I was nuts when I bought it, but I knew I could save it. Even hubby said, paint is not going to fix that. Yes but some TLC and paint will.

I have spent almost the whole afternoon filling cracks and crevices and sanding
And I didn't notice till I got home that two of the drawers had pieces missing off of the corners
Now, I did get a good deal on the dresser
But I am not replacing drawer fronts, so I am trying to come up with a solution
I think  this poor dresser was used as a dart board at some point
I only wish people would understand the work that goes into these projects
We just don't buy them and add paint
I saw this sign on Pinterest and I think I am going to have to make one for my shop
You know the shop in the future dream house that we have not purchased yet
yep that shop  

I have filled and patched more nicks and holes in this dresser
 than I have in the last 5 dressers I have done
And do you see the chips out of the drawer fronts
I thought about changing the drawer fronts but they are not just flat drawer fronts
so I have decided to work with what I have, instead of rebuilding the whole drawer
The drawers on this are very deep and would be great for storage in a play room or kids room
So I am thinking my paint should go with that look
But I still have a few more repairs to make before paint
Here is what the dresser looks like now, minus the drawers, still working on them
Don't you just love this colour
it is 3 small cans of paints that I had left over, mixed into one
grey, black and white
I love the finished colour
I am going to save it and try to have it matched and get more of it
I have something different planned for the drawers and the sides of this dresser
I try to be creative with my pieces and give my customers something that is unique
and while I was outside painting today
this is what lil Maggie was doing
Sun tanning and having a snooze and staying close to Mom
 I had hoped to show pics of this finished dresser, but the drawers are taking longer than I thought
but I am hoping they will turn out the way I have it planned in my head
My hubby says that being in my head is a scary place
funny man
but I do have another project to show you that is complete

 I found this cute little desk cabinet at a thrift store
Although it looks great the way it is, I thought I could take it up a notch
I started by painting the inside with duck egg blue,
and painting the outside with pure white
I had to paint it with priming paint first to stop the knots from bleeding through
 I think its a big improvement on the pine look, what do you think?
I changed the knobs which were brassy to a nice nickel with roses engraved on the knobs
When it was in the thrift store the leaver to lower the desk was off
so they had reduced the price considerably
which is good for me
but it was just missing a screw lol
not broken just missing a tiny little screw
Can you say score
And now all this needs is a new home
OK I left for an hour could you tell?
hubby and I just participated in earth hour
we turned all electricity off for the hour
lit some candles and spent sometime outside under the stars with Maggie
we are going to have to do that more often
did you participate in Earth Hour
I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend
I did not go thrifting this weekend but I did go to a Spring fair
and bought a pallet sign that says I love Vintage
from Shannon at The Rusty Nail
I love it
will try to finish the dresser off tomorrow
weather permitting
till then
Welcome to my new followers
hugs to you all

 and my lil Maggie
look at that cute lil face
mop it up mondays

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