Friday, March 1, 2013

From Goth to Gorgeous

I love when I see something in the thrift store and I envision it restored and it turns out even better than I envisioned

This desk was dark and ugly and its bright green handles had people just walking by it in disgust.
But I knew with a little bit of love it could look stunning.


 Would you have walked by it too, or do you see its potential like I did

In an earlier post I showed how I saved the brass handles by boiling them in a crock pot to remove the paint
To see how I did that, just go to this posting

The original brass handles look gorgeous now
Although I didn't like the black on the desk
I knew it would look great on the drawers
So I painted them inside and out with black paint
Trashy thrift store find becomes a stunning desk
I love how this turned out
The desk is painted in Anne Sloan French Linen
I have added clear and dark wax and slightly distressed it to bring out the black underneath
The weather was gorgeous today so I was able to work outside in a tshirt
You have to love that
I was able to finish two projects today
I love waterfall dressers and this dresser was in perfect condition when I found it
I love the handles that came with this and will be using them on something else
I didn't think they suited this dresser
I love these knobs and back plates and will be saving them for something special
they are so pretty they look like jewelry
I have seen this look on Pinterest and wanted to try it
I thought this dresser would be perfect for that project
The third drawer turned out a little more grey than I planned, but I still love it
I added white ceramic handles which I think suit this dresser better
I thought I would change things up a bit and paint the whole drawer instead of just the drawer fronts
I painted the dresser in Anne Sloan pure white and I used Ce Ce Caldwells test pots for the drawers
It was my first time using Ce Ce Caldwell
And although I love the colours I found that I did not get the coverage with CeCe Caldwells paints that I get with Anne Sloan
And when I was getting low in paint I tried to add water to the Ce Ce Caldwell paint to help it go further, (a trick I use with Anne Sloan all the time)
And I found that it changed the texture of the paint and made it go on foamy
I was not pleased with how it looked or how it dried
Thats why the third drawer had to be repainted
I had to go buy more paint and have it matched to the Ce Ce Caldwell colours
one test pot of Anne Sloan painted a whole cabinet with two coats
and Ce Ce Caldwells test pots didn't even cover one drawer
I still love how the dresser turned out and I will be trying this look again with other colours
But I think I will stick to Anne Sloan next time
And now that I am done Maggie and I are going to enjoy this gorgeous day
Maggie enjoying a walk with Mom
And now its nap time for Maggie, do you see our lil family of ducks and geese eating in the back ground
they are so comfortable with Maggie
And she is such a sweet heart she just watches them and keeps her distance
today I counted 54 ducks and 4 geese in the yard
I love to watch them, how they interacte is so funny
Hope the sun is shining where you are today
and that you get a chance to enjoy it
Happy picking and Happy painting
and my lil sidekick
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  1. Tobey - the desk is an amazing transformation! Great job!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  2. Thank you Peggy I love how it turned out. I wasn't sure if I liked Anne Sloans french linen but this desk has changed my mind about it.

  3. Hi Tobey!

    Oh my goodness, this post was right on for me :)
    Becuase I love waterfall furniture but never met (or read online)anyone who likes them.You are the first!
    The desk turned out gorgeouse!!It's hard to see it's the same dresser.
    You did a wonderful job :)

    And the knobs....oh so pretty!
    Yes it's a good idea to keep them for something else, but your dresser turned out beautiful too, love the colours!!

    Lastly, your dog is SO cute!
    I have a soft spot for bull dogs...

    Have a great week, Tobey!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping Sayuri, and thank you for the comments. Maggie and I are together 24/7 so I felt it was only right for her to be part of my blog. She is our baby and I can not imagine life without her. I talk to her like she is a person, she is my baby.Thank you so much for the kind comments about the desk and dresser.
      hugs Tobey

  4. Thank you Sharon, apparently my desk is going to be a bathroom vanity and the person who bought it has a mirror and some moulding she would like me to paint to match. I am glad she is happy with it. thanks so much for the comment, hugs Tobey

  5. What a wonderful job you did on that desk, Tobey! I love the outcome, especially the hardware. That is amazing that you got that green paint off. Love the color you chose for the desk. I've got my eye out for desks like this for my daughter. She likes these big ones with drawers.

  6. Thank you Kathy, A lot of people asked me how I could part with it. It was gorgeous but I had no room for it. The lady that bought it actually made it into a bathroom vanity and has asked me to do a mirror to go with it. The hardware was tedious but definetly worth it. thanks for the comments hugs Tobey

  7. Wow. that desk sure was ugly! lol. But you sure did make it gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Denise, I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The lady that bought it is making it in to a bathroom vanity. I hope to be able to share a pic of it, if i can get one.