Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is it Spring yet?

What is up with this weather, is today really the first day of Spring ?

I shouldn't complain about our weather here, yes it is cold and today we had rain, thunder and lightning. While I was outside trying to paint I should mention.
But there are other areas of Canada that have snow and they are getting more snow. So rain does not sound so bad.

So although I can not show you my completed projects because the weather is not co-operating with me. I thought I would try to cheer you all up with a bit of online spring. If it won't come to us I will bring it us online.
Hope these pics make you smile
Don't worry spring will be here soon

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the dandelions
And being with friends is nice too
Tulips are definitely a sign of spring
Easter is just around the corner
Anything can be a planter with a little imagination
I think they need more than one bird bath in this yard
I think he is laughing at all of the birds in the bird bath
Spring prom anyone
I want one of these ducks, look at those faces
fly lil buddy fly
And if you weren't smiling yet

I hope this pic makes you smile
and this one
Maggie likes to stop and smell the flowers too  
Maggie and I hope these pics put a smile on your face  
I am certainly ready for spring, aren't you?
hope the birds are chirping and the sun is shining
And that spring is in the air soon for all of us

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  1. Hi Tobey! Smiled all the way through - thank you for that!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  2. Thanks Peggy, your message made me smile. hugs Tobey and Maggie

  3. You did it Tobey - you got me smilin' !!!

    1. So glad that it made you smile, xo
      I know I am ready for some warm weather, hope you get some there soon and all that yucky white stuff goes away. xo

  4. Hi Tobey!! Fabulous pics... made me happy and warmed up my wintry spring! Thanks so much for stopping by and following. I'm so happy to follow you back!
    Tuula :)

    1. Anytime Tuula, loved your bog and love your name. We actually had snow flakes coming down today, but thankfully they melted right away. I hope the warm weather comes soon. hugs Tobey

  5. Tobey,
    OMG!!!! What an adorabale post. Love it. It made me smile. Glad you found my blog so I now have found you. Thanks for your sweet comments.

    1. thank you Kris, I love your blog and all your decor. so flattered that you found the time to check out my blog. hugs Tobey

  6. Loved it so much I had to forward it to my daughter.
    Thanks, that was great.

  7. Thank you, glad it cheered you up. this morning when I was out feeding all the ducks that come into my yard, I told them to hurry up and make babies. I want a whole bunch of lil baby ducks running around the yard lol . hope your daughter enjoyed it too. hugs Tobey