Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Anne Sloan takes on brass, wood and glass

I haven't taken on any big projects since I completed the desk and dresser in my last post. My blood pressure has been really high the last couple of weeks so I have been taking it easy.
 I can't just sit around and do nothing all day, so I found a few little projects to keep me busy.
If you paint with Anne Sloan chalk paint you know that you can paint almost anything with it.
I have not found anything that it can not improve.

Anne Sloan pure white chalk paint gives these brass candle holders
and dollar store picture frame a new look
A fabulous new look
Does this gives you some idea of what to do with all of those brass candle stick holders you pass by in the thrift store, turn brass into class


This candle holder was at the dollar store and it is plastic, would you have guessed that ?
Anne Sloan chalk paint makes it look incredible

And the thrift stores are full of these old wooden jewelry boxes
You probably pass them up because they are outdated
And the felt inside of them is usually discoloured
but Anne Sloan can paint that too
And look how cute they look painted

Painted with Anne Sloan pure white and Antoinette
And slightly distressed

And you may have seen glass bottles painted with chalk paint
All three of these are liquor bottles
The front one is a crown royal bottle, isn't it gorgeous painted

This cute little tin was ugly in brass but looks cute in chalk paint

All of these items except the liquor bottles were only a few dollars
I love the way white looks but you can use any colour of Anne Sloan
Experiment and have fun
Don't pass up those thrift store finds anymore
I look at everything so different now that I have become an upcycler
You see something you like but don't like the colour
paint it paint paint it
Want to change the look of your room but your on a low budget
shop at thrift stores and paint it paint paint it
Thank you Anne Sloan
I don't know what I would have done if I had not discovered your paint
Would love to hear how chalk paint has inspired you
Do you do more than paint furniture with it?
would love to hear about your projects
I am hoping to get back to bigger projects soon but in the meantime
I am enjoying playing with my thrift store finds
hope everyone is having an amazing week
happy picking happy painting
Maggie enjoying our spring like weather


  1. Fun post Tobey!!!
    All the items look great - Duck Egg blue is great on bottles too -
    But that little jewellery box looks just beautiful - would love to find an actual dresser like that and paint it just the way you did LOL!!!
    You really should be watermarking your photos you know!

  2. Thank you Suzan, I took your advice about the watermarks. I have duck egg blue on mason jars, but I am still sold on the white.
    thanks for visiting my blog on a regular basis you have no idea how much it means to me to have you follow and comment. hugs Tobey

  3. Thank you Sharon, like my friend Suzan I am painting everything in the house lol I don't know how I lived without Anne Sloan, I am addicted to it now for sure. hope your getting some sunshine where you are today, was nice here for a change.hugs Tobey

  4. I love the jewelry box and the brass tin. These look great!

    1. Thanks, hubby thinks I am going a little paint crazy lol but I love it.

  5. I painted a metal frame with Anne Sloan Graphite and it didn't stick well. I could take my nail and it would come right off. Do you have any suggestions. This is my first attempt using this paint and I'm someone disappointed.


  6. Did you seal it with wax? Chalk paint will distress if it is not sealed with wax. hope this helps. thanks Tobey