Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My junk in the trunk

My good friend Suzan over at

Simply Vintageous by Suzan

 and a few of her friends are hosting a tongue in cheek link up about where you keep your junk.

When I think of junk I think of all of the projects I have that sit waiting for me to get to them
We rent a very small house and we hope to move into our own home when my husband gets transferred back to Ontario
So in the meantime I hoard all of the stuff I have picked up for our new home
That and the many projects that I also hope to finish to put in the new house as well
after seeing all of these pics you may come to the same conclusion that my hubby has
that I really have an addiction lol
And that I may be somewhat of a hoarder
Here is my sun room, that should be full of plants
but now houses, a vanity, desk, night stands, hamper and a vanity stool
There are plants in there too
watering them is fun
And if you were saying what vanity, it is attached to the mirror behind the desk and behind the rocking chair, yep its back there
Now come with me to my basement, one at a time please its going to be a tight squeeze
This is one of two spare rooms I have, that are supposed to be extra bedrooms ha ha
here are the 8 chairs I painted a year ago that still have no seats
see the roll of foam, I am halfway there, just need material
And in this back corner we have 3 mirrors and 8 pictures frames that I am going to do something with, someday
oh and 8 yardsticks (future project)
one star that needs paint and a chalkboard
and one cabinet to be painted and a chair to be reupholstered
And in front of that mess is a smoke stand that is waiting for a makeover
I forgot about this, going to have to get to that lol
soon real soon
Now onto the next room
This room has a bed in it, if you can get to it
This room is housing a dresser, two hope chests
two night stands that are waiting for paint
A table that needs a graphic on the top of it
A full length mirror, with a mirror that I broke while painting it
2 more mirrors behind it that are not finished yet
Even the bed isn't safe from my hoarding
I have yet to paint the mirror and have painted one of the decorative hangings that came with it
Need to paint the other one , soon
Hubby does not come down to the basement
He says it scares him
And lets not forget that I do have a garage
Now why wouldn't I store all of my projects in the garage you may be asking yourself
Then I could work on them one at a time and finish this little to do list
Your too funny
Maybe because the garage looks like this
See the No Exit sign
Well some days it is so packed in here there is no entrance either
So there you have it
What my house looks like behind the scenes of the staging of beautiful pics for my blog
And it does not end there people
I have a dresser in the back of my car that I have no unloaded yet
And a table that I have to go pick up tomorrow
Yes it is an addiction
But I love it
And that is my junk in the trunk
OK now where am I going to put that dresser
till next time
and my lil sidekick


  1. You are too funny! I hope you have a LOT of extra bedrooms when you get a new house!! Any friend of Suzan's is a friend of mine! Happy to be following along via GFC and I'll enjoy watching you finish up some of these pieces. Thanks for linking up today!

  2. Hi Danni, It was a fun post and a reminder that I better get my butt in gear and get finishing these things. Thank you so much for stopping by. hugs Tobey

  3. Yay! Another one of us! (As Anne Shirley called us--'kindred spirits.') Thanks so much for linking; we are proud of you!

  4. Tobey,
    I feel so much better about my "collection"....I too am waiting for a new house to furnish and have collected stuff on speculation. I am ramping up for a major purge on the Easter long weekend so that I can start all over again!

    1. Hi Peggy, I am really going to be in trouble if our next house is the same size as this one or smaller lol. I think my hubby would like to me to sell some stuff, but I do part with alot. There are just some things I can not sell. When are you moving into your new home? good luck with your Easter purge. hugs Tobey

  5. Hi Kirby, I just read your comment to my hubby, and he said "oh no, there's more of them". poor boy his harley stayed out in the snow all winter because I had taken over the garage. He must really love me, to put up with all I do to him. loved the link, and kindred spirits sounds so much nicer than hoarder. hugs Tobey

  6. Please promise that you will always leave a path the width of Maggie May. I can't bear the thought of her getting wedged as she tries to keep up with you on your way to water the plants.


    1. That is too funny, Maggie never ventures downstairs either lol She is not a fan of the stairs. She has the run of the rest of the house which she thinks is her house lol And when I am working in the garage she plays in the yard and has her lil blanky that she lays on after she tires herself out. She is my little shadow and she probably thinks in her head that Mommy sure has alot of stuff lol. Thanks for the comments, Maggie says thanks for worrying about her, she loves the attention. hugs Tobey

  7. I see your dilemma. You have some fabulous pieces there--well worth a little crowding for a while.

    1. Thank you Baye, somedays I wish I could be cloned, because I want everything pretty and done. but then I would just buy more lol.

  8. Love it! I have to say you have the prettiest junk I have seen :)

    1. Awww thank you Mel, I hope once we have a bigger place to be able to get to all of it. My dream is to host barn sales and invite other vendors and have huge sales a few times a year. I really love upcycling and finding unique things and transforming them. With my kids grown and my hubby working long hours it really gives my life more purpose. hugs Tobey

  9. Ohhh, how I envy that you have a basement! We have no spare bedrooms (yet), but we have a huge room that we use for storage and my craft room, but it looks like your garage at the moment and so does our pool table room, family room and dining room. My husband won't let me put much in the garage, so there's only 2 cabinets out there. I have a hard time staging anything bigger than a bread box for all the clutter and we don't have a small house.

    1. Beth, I feel for you, I guess I should not complain I do have a lot of extra room. I can relate on the staging thing, it is so hard for me to find a place to stage photos, thats why I love pic monkey, you can crop pics and fancy them up a bit. My poor hubbys harley sat in the snow all winter because I had taken over the garage. When his buddys asked why? he said that I told him when the harley starts making money it can come in the garage lol. But I think it was more like happy wife happy life. Thanks for the comment and for taking the time to visit. hugs Tobey

  10. I craft, therefore I hoard. I think it just comes with the territory!

    1. Yes I think it does Heather, most of my friends that do what I do hoard. You never know when you might need something. And if you throw it out, you know right after you will find a use for it. thanks for the comment, hugs Tobey

  11. Hi Tobey, you have some great junk! I love the waterfall pieces. I feel so much better seeing that many of us are "kindred spirits" (aka hoarders) The best part of it is when a project is complete and it is useful again. Good luck with your new home:)

    1. Hi Amy, Thank you, I seem to gravitate to waterfall pieces I love how they look all done up. And yes I do love completing a project, it is a such rush finding the hidden jems in thrift shops and flea markets and then making them beautiful again. As for the new home, everytime I find a home online that I love, the contract here gets extended. I had hoped to move this summer but still waiting to see when the contract here ends. I know our dream home is waiting :)
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog, hugs Tobey

  12. Sorry I'm so late Tobey - wow look at all your visits!!!
    Must be that beautiful junk in your trunk!
    Thanks so much for linking up and for the shout out -
    You're so sweet!
    Big fat hugs,

  13. I should be thanking you, I have never had so many comments. I loved doing the post it was fun, and now I have a whole bunch of new sites that I have fallen in love with. And it has motivated me to work on some of that junk in my trunk, have actually cleaned out one room already lol, big fat hugs right back at ya. Tobey

  14. Glad to know I'm not the only one! The underneath of my deck is stacked full of future projects and I have another beauty coming home tomorrow and thats not what I have inside the house.....lol Thanks for sharing! Love keeping up with your facebook page & blog, inspires me and get to have a few laughs along the way!

  15. Hmm hide stuff under the deck, now why didn't I think of that lol. Thank you Sasha for following me. I must say since I did that post I kind of shamed myself into cleaning up some of that mess. You can actually see my plants in the sunroom now. today I am tackling the garage, if you don't hear from me send in a search party.
    hugs Tobey

  16. Im a new follower too I tried to make the party but was a little too late thanks for the inspiration to clean up my junk room...