Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring is in the air

Today is the day that we spring forward and turn our clocks ahead one hour. Today was also a gorgeous day and Maggie and I were outside all day enjoying it. I was also working on a few projects that kind of got shoved to the back of the garage.

Most of my projects are items that I sell, but from time to time I find things I just can't part with. These night stands were just too cute to sell. I started working on them a few months ago but then got busy with other things. Today I decided it was going to be a "me " day. Today I worked on stuff just for me.
I work so hard on stuff for other people I decided it was time I did something special for me

This is how the night stands looked when I found them in a thrift shop. I love the detail on them but you couldn't see it because of it being all white. I wanted to paint it so the detail would pop out and I also was not too fond of the hardware. I wanted to use them in our spare room and decided to go with my two favorite Anne Sloan colours, paris grey and pure white.

Here is one of the night stands with the colour combination of grey and white, so far I am liking it
I filled in the holes on the bottom drawer so that I can put in one knob instead of a handle

Here they are all done, don't you just love them, I know I do
I love the combination of grey and white
I painted the trim in the middle with a small artists paint brush
And do you see how now the detail stands out more
 I can't put these in the room I want them for, because that room is in my dream home that does not exist yet
We will be moving back to Ontario soon (I hope)
and then I can put all of the pieces I have found out here into their places
I can't wait to have a home where I can decorate and use all of my incredible finds and the furniture I have been working on
These are the handles that were on the tall boy dresser that I painted with all of the drawers different shades of blue
They didn't suit that dresser but I think they look gorgeous on these night stands
They were a great finishing touch
I am so happy with how they turned out
I have had this vanity since last summer, that's how long it has been waiting for its makeover
I started it a few times but other projects kept taking priority
Today I decided to finish it
Tada , she is finished
Isn't she gorgeous
The vanity is painted in Anne Sloan's paris grey chalk paint
 you will notice I took the wooden appliques off the drawers
I wanted to use these pretty handles I found and they did not look good with the appliques
So the appliques had to go
I picked up this stool a few months ago and I think it will look great with the vanity
Like I said I can not wait to put all of this into place
I dream everyday of decorating our new home
We have been travelling for 6 years now and I can not wait to have our own home
See aren't these handles adorable
It was a busy day but I am so happy to have finished these two projects
They will both be going into my spare room where I hope to have a mostly white colour scheme
The touch of grey will look gorgeous with what I have in mind
I have a few piece that I want to work on for our master bedroom
but I am afraid they will have to wait
There are a few things that have to be completed first
Work and then play
Do you think that is funny that I consider working on furniture play lol
My friend Bobby Jo posted a saying on her facebook the other day
Love what you do
Do what you love
I definitely love what I do
and working on furniture is most definitely doing what I love
When I am working on furniture outside with the birds chirping and the sun shining
 I am in my happy place
And lil Maggie is right by my side
she reminds me once in a while to take a break and go play with her
or reminds me that it is snack time
She loves being outside with me, and I love having her company
I hope you had gorgeous weather today too
and that you got to do what you love to do today too
Happy Picking Happy Painting
Maggie saying come play with me Mom

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  1. The tables are gorgeous Tobey - but that vanity is out of this world!
    What beautiful finds!!!
    That expression in on my blog - and I thought I invented it - really I did!
    Under my name it says - To love what you do - you must do what you love.................
    Have a good Sunday!

    1. Thanks Suzan, The store where I sell stuff asked me if I had a vanity for sale, apparently they had someone looking for one. But I could not part with this one, I love it. thanks for the comments.
      One of my favorite expressions is
      Life is not measured by the breaths you take
      but by the moments that take your breath away
      hope your having a great weekend
      hugs Tobey

  2. Tobey - the nightstands are beautiful - I love the colour combination - fabulous job!

    1. Thank you Peggy, I am so glad I had time to get back to them. I love how they turned out. thanks for the comments and for taking the time to visit my blog. It means so much to me. thanks hugs Tobey

  3. Tobey,
    Thank you for coming to my party with your pretty makeovers.


  4. Hi Linda, I have been posting for a while but just learning how to link up. It's a learning process, but I love viewing all the other blogs that link up and I love seeing all the amazing talented people out there. love your blog Linda, and thank you so much for the wonderful comments. hugs Tobey

  5. Love this transformation! I have an entire bedroom set like the first pieces you shared and I want to do a blue ad ivory combination when I refinish it this summer....


  6. Debbie, Blue and Ivory would look stunning. I love the waterfall look, if the laminate is in good shape the furniture looks amazing painted. Can't wait to see pics of your set finished. hugs Tobey

  7. Hi Tobey!

    I'm here via Elizabeth and Co. I love these waterfall side tables! The Paris Grey is really beautiful on those pieces and your attention to detail is awesome. You make me want to run and paint something. :)

    Have a good week.

    ~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women

    1. Thank you so much Cassandra, what a wonderful message to read first thing, you just made my morning. I love waterfall pieces, and get so excited when I find them in good shape. again thank you so much for the message and compliments. hugs Tobey

  8. I used some Paris Gray and didn't really like it. Your pieces look fabulous!


  9. Thanks Gail, its funny I tried French linen and didn't like it. Then I tried it on another piece and loved it. But Paris grey has got to be my favorite grey so far. thanks for the comment and compliment. hugs Tobey