Saturday, September 1, 2012

Super Woman

Today I was thinking I should be wearing a shirt with a big S on it, for superwoman. Years ago I had a shirt that said Super Mom, and believe me raising 5 kids by myself sometimes I had to be. I am sure I made lots of mistakes along the way, my kids probably have a list somewhere. I think at times they would have probably put Strict Mom, Mean Mom or Psycho Mom on the shirt. Actually I think my youngest one suggested Psycho Mom for a personalized license plate lol. But when I look at the amazing adults and parents they have become, I think I must have done some things right.

My amazing children and Grandchildren
When I get back to Ontario we really need to take an up to date family pic

So back to my Super Woman shirt and why I think I should be wearing it today. Well let me first say I am probably not the only one who should be wearing that shirt. I find it amazing the things women can accomplish in a day. We really are amazing and we all deserve that Super Woman shirt and Super Woman Title. We are amazing multi taskers aren't we?


Today not only did I cut the grass and water all the lawns, 3/4 of an acre with a gas push mower (pant pant). But I glued and sanded a table, finished painting another table, clear waxed 6 chairs. And weeded and watered the garden and my 12 potted plants. I did dishes and housework and laundry and am just finishing up canning my own homemade salsa from the tomatoes I grew in my garden. And its only 2pm in the afternoon, can I hear some applause please lol

This is only one section of the yard, lots of grass to cut, and with only one day of rain in the last 6 weeks, lots of watering

Lots of tomatoes to pick yet, next time stewed tomatoes
I made chili sauce last year
I am trying Kristy's technique for fixing bubbled up laminate, I cut a slit in the bubble and have it glued and weighed down with bricks
Kristy's blog
This table is so cute I wanted to repair it and paint it, will post when it is done

Remember this little table that I picked up for $2.00

Here it is all done, I painted it with Anne Sloan Paris Grey
and with a little distressing and clear waxing and some new knobs
She is now a cute little night table
Not bad for $2.00

Here is my salsa recipe if anyone is interested in trying this, I copied it from this site

I swear everyday at the end of our day we should hand our partners a list of our accomplishments because I don't think they know what we do in a day. My hubby says I work harder here than he does at work but sometimes I really don't think he knows how right he is.

And now Maggie and I are relaxing on the back deck having a well deserved rest. That is until supper time when I have to cook dinner, do dishes etc, it really never ends. Super Woman I tell ya

Hope everyone else is having a productive day, or if your smarter than me you are off somewhere enjoying the long weekend with a tall exotic drink in your hand. And if you are its probably because you did all of your Super Woman duties all week and now you are having some well deserved down time.


To all of my Super Woman friends, have an amazing long weekend, I applaud all of you, we are amazing. And that Super Woman shirt does not have to be an actual shirt, we all know we are super woman. We wear that invisible shirt everyday and we wear it so well.

I said invisible, please please invisible

I think I will stick to cartoon characters, less scary don't you think
Although I think if I put a wonder woman costume on it would be scary too

Now go fix yourself that tall exotic drink put your feet up and relax, you deserve it Super Woman


Super Woman



  1. LOL - what a great post Tobey!!! And what a beautful BIG family you have - yes you sure must have done something right :) and I feel exhausted by your day - don't know how we do it - but I think we really push ourselves far too hard - Men seem to know the secret formula between work and relaxation
    something that would serve us well to learn.......
    Big hugs,

  2. Thanks Suzan, I am exhausted and vegging on the couch now. When I look at pics of my kids and grandkids I can not believe that I created this amazing group. We really need a new family pic, the grandchildren have grown so much since this one was taken. When you get my five kids with their spouses and my 5 grandchildren together it is a big group. And then we have Brian and his 3 kids too. Thats why we need a big house when we move back to Ontario.
    I think my mans formula for relaxation is to watch me do everything lol He says he has no problem with that lol