Friday, September 21, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Its been a while since I have posted a Thrifty Thursday so I guess I am long over due
Hubby and I are taking off on the bike for the weekend, and our lil Maggie gets to hang out with the pet sitter. Don't be sad for her, Megan spoils her and probably plays with her more than we do.
I picked up a sweet deal the other day and have a few more painting projects lined up, but now that I have a new supply of Anne Sloan paint I am ready to get at them
well that is after our biking weekend

I saw these for sale online and thought that these beds would be great to make into benches
and the dressers came with the deal
Can you say score !!!!!
After we got the beds home, hubby and I had a better look at the beds and we thought these beds would be great in a spare room, so I am not cutting them up into benches YET
I left the mattress there (it was yucky)
Everything is going to get a paint job and the dressers will be up for sale
One can own only so many dressers and my house is dresser full
Here is a peak at one of the dressers, the other one is identical in looks just a little smaller, I love the handles.
 going to steal two for the bottom drawer from the other dresser
And I will have to put new knobs on the other one
I found two of these cute wooden ladders and I plan on taking them back to Ontario
I am going to lay pieces of barn board across them and use them as shelves to display stuff in the sales barn
Remember my old hutch that went to live with a new family
When I emptied this out I filled 4 small storage bins
This held a lot of stuff, I hope I don't regret selling it
I sold it because it was all one piece and hubby did not want to haul it back to Ontario
well I fooled him i found one that is two pieces
and after its restoration it will be going back to Ontario with us
poor boy the things I do too him
Here is the new hutch, it needs a little bit of work and I am going to make some changes to it
I like the idea of cupboards but I think these ones may have to go
I will have to play with some different ideas
I also found this cute wooden Pepsi crate to go with my cooler
Thanks to the girls at the Iron Orchid
 You can find their store and their site on facebook
Isn't this the cutest little table
The top is leather and I want it white
so Anne Sloan claims you can use her paint on anything
so we will give it a try
will let you know how it turns out
I also picked up 4 of these chandeliers for less than the price of one
I want to paint the chrome on these and make them look more shabby chic
I don't have the most patience when it comes to this kind of things so wish me luck
I am hoping to hang two of them in the house
 and the other two will go in the sales barn to give it that glam look
Well, hubby is pacing behind me, we are off on the bike for a few days
hope everyone has a great weekend
I probably won't be able to treasure hunt too much with us being on the bike
But you never know what I might make him strap on too it lol
happy picking , stay safe this weekend

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