Thursday, August 30, 2012

I can finally paint without melting like an ice cube in the sun

Now that it is isn't 100 degrees outside anymore I can get back outside and in the garage and catch up on some painting projects. I hate painting in the heat, menopause and heat waves do not mix, I sweat like a pig and it makes me cranky (OK bitchy)
 I cleared the garage out with my selling frenzy a few weeks ago, and will you believe it I am full again.
 Do you remember those cups that you could tip and it looked like it drained, but then you sat it back up and it would fill again.
Well that's my garage, I clear out and I clean and organize it then I go hunting for bargains and fill it again
I have been working on some old projects that have been calling to me
I really need to get some stuff done,
I literally can not reach the back or the middle of the garage
Remember these chairs that I found for my new dining room, the one that is in my dream house that I don't have yet, yes that dining room
When I got my first can of Anne Sloan old white I painted and painted, hall bench, table and all of my chairs
Then I found these two chairs online and I was so excited to get them.
They don't match the other ones but they are very similar and who wants matchy matchy anyways
Well I kept looking at the chairs I had painted Old White and I decided it was not the colour I wanted for the dining room
So after painting the 3 chairs with two coats of Old White
I am going to paint them again
If you think boy she must like painting chairs, you are so wrong
I hate painting chairs, they are so much work and so time consuming
But it has to be done
I could wait for hubby to paint them
Like the laundry room, he never goes into the garage
His answer to, should I paint this?
Is always the same, it looks great the way it is
(meanwhile he is not even looking at what I am talking about)
But after two days and two coats of pure white, they are done
happy happy happy dance
I would have killed for a paint sprayer
Well maybe not killed, I would never kill anyone
(I better cover myself here in case I ever do snap from this menopause thing and they use this post in court to confirm that I did say I was going to kill someone)
I have seen enough Law and Order to know what premeditated means
So what I really meant was I would really love to have a paint sprayer one day
Suzan just in case, start practising saying
But officer she was with me all day
( still hunting for the right fabric for the seats) 
that would be shopping, not hunting, because I do not own a gun
geesh I am really going to have to watch what I say lol
And remember this cute little wooden bird cage I picked up
It looked like it had been in a room with a whole bunch of chain smokers
Just a little yellowy (is that a word)
It got a fresh coat of paint and looks very clean and bright
Now what to put into it?
Anyone have ideas and don't say birds lol
I was thinking plants, or a birds nest
still thinking
need some ideas 
Now if you saw this table in a thrift shop would you just walk past it
Yes its got mouldy stuff on top, but it is sturdy and it called to me
She said, I have had a rough life but I can be pretty
please take me home and make me beautiful
And at $2.00 I could not resist
So with a little bit of glue and some clamps to close the gaps from the wood splitting
and some strong cleaner to get rid of the mould
And lots of sanding and filling
She is ready for her makeover
Her debut will be on my next post
She is so excited and so am I
I had to share this pic of Maggie, this is what she was doing while I was writing this post. Apparently the toy dinosaur that she wanted was at the bottom of the toy basket lol
Do you think she has enough toys lol
Yes she is a spoiled little girl
Ok Maggie clean up your toys
ha ha who am I kidding, would be cool if she could do it though
hhmm and do housework and paint
Come here Maggie, Mommy wants to teach you some new tricks lol
happy picking and painting


  1. LOL - hysterical post Tobey - if I'm the Suzan you meant ( not sure if you know any others that spell it with a Z ) than I've got your back sister, but you know that already!!!
    What gorgeous pieces you have and those chairs are just beautiful now that they're painted!
    Suzan ( with a Z )

  2. Tobey - I was laughing at your garage filling up again - I have the same problem along with the can't paint in the heat menopause thing. Not saying a word about killing anyone....LOL
    Thanks for making me laugh,

  3. Thanks Suzan and of course I meant you unless your partner in crime when we get caught then we are screwed lol
    Peggy, Thanks so much for commenting and I am glad I am not the only one suffering with menopause and dealing with the never emptying garage.
    Thanks for following
    hugs Tobey