Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My full garage

Hubby and I took off on the bike for a few days and I saw so many cute little thrift stores I am going back this weekend with the car (maybe I will need the truck lol )
But first I need to make room in the garage.
There are so many things in the garage that need my attention its hard to know where to start. I have no idea why the garage is always so full (ok, that one, even made me laugh)

Of course I know why its always full, because I can not resist a good deal. And boy have I been getting some good deals. Remember the single beds that came with the two antique dressers. Well I have been doing the prep work on those two dressers. I have been repairing and sanding and painting. I think sometimes people do not realize how much work is involved in upcycling an old item.

Some of the laminate was peeling so I just took it off and patched the holes, and did a big of gluing here and there

Had to glue and nail some of the wood on the sides that had just come apart from age

Both dressers have been sanded and all repairs have been made

While the wood filler and glue dried on the outside of the drawers I decided to give the inside of the drawers a coat of paint
I intend on painting the dressers with Anne Sloan Chalk Paint
I know you don't have to sand or prime with Anne Sloan paint
but these dressers had lots of bumps and cracks so sanding was a must
And I always prime with my homemade chalk paint
This way it saves money on Anne Sloan chalk paint because I don't have to do two coats with it
So now while the dressers and drawers are drying I did a few fun projects
Will post pics of the dressers when they are finished
A few things that I picked up this week, that need a little bit of TLC
I love this little tool box, I had to put my name on it
I didn't want to take away from the rusty vintage look, so I just put my name on with silver paint
I want to use the gate for a back drop for a sign
So I gave it a little wash with some watered down white paint
I copied the stencil off a gasoline can I had bought at the flea market 
and then painted the ones I had bought and stenciled them
I am setting up a booth at the flea market next month and I am working on a few items to sell there
I bought this bread box to use as a power station
Because I am tired of seeing this on my diningroom table everynight
Brians head lamp and work phone sit here and charge, and if its not them it is our two cell phones
So I gave it a coat of lightened duck egg blue paint and changed the knob to an old door knob
I want to add something else to it, but not sure what.
 Will leave it like this for now until I can think of what it needs
I am open to suggestions
I also picked up some vintage bouys
I may do a nautical look in hubbys man cave
and if not they will look great in the garage or barn or even hanging outside
Aren't they cute, I love how they are all different colour and all chippy and worn
I just hung them on the milk can for this pic
Did I mention that I did all of this work today with a broken toe. I got up with hubby this morning and after he went to work I walked into the side of the couch
What can I say I am not my best at 4:30 am
It hurt like hell all day but I have so much to do I just made the best of it
I am such a trooper lol
I have been trying to think of a name for my hubby, everyone has such cute names for theirs.
Mr. Fix It, Mr Upholster, Mr Handy, Mr. Muscles
well yesterday I asked him to drill a hole in the power station bread box
I said can you drill a hole in the bottom corner for me for the power cord plug to come out
I even said, right hand corner bottom
I think I even pointed to where I wanted it
And this is what I got
A hole in the top left corner
I swear he does this on purpose so I won't ask him to do things anymore
I had thought of names like Mr. Tomorrow or Mr. I'll Do It Later
or even Mr. Couch Potatoe
but I think for now I will call him
Mr. Not So Handy lol
happy picking and happy painting

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