Monday, September 3, 2012

It was a holiday weekend, really?

With hubby working all weekend it was just another day to us. His schedule is work 4 weeks straight with no days off, then he gets two weeks off. They work this schedule because all the guys are from Ontario out here on contract and they fly home on their two weeks. So with him working that kind of schedule weekends don't mean much, sometimes I don't even know its the weekend.
Except for Sundays, because Sundays are flea market day, I know Saturday is yard sale day too. But I did the yard sale thing for most of the summer and I think all the good stuff is gone now. I still seem to find good things at the flea market. I have not done thrifty Thursday's for a while because I am downsizing and working on the projects in the garage.
So I thought I would share a few things I have picked up lately,

I found these two chairs at a local thrift store and new someone would love them. I can upholster chair pads but whole chairs are bit much for me. So I sold these as they were and the girl that bought them is going to have my buddy Nicole give them a makeover. She promised to email me a pic when they are done and I will be sure to post it. She was so excited about them, makes me happy to find things for others. I can't wait to see their new look.

I picked up a couple of mirrors that I have taped and ready for paint. One of the mirrors I am going to make into a chalkboard

Picked this wrought iron candle holder up at the flea market for $2.00. will be great outside, this thing would never blow away, it is really heavy

I love these cute little matching frames, they make great lil chalkboards for initials
Like these ones below
These initial frames where copper with a tacky picture in them, I picked them up for $2.00
covered the picture with chalk paint and added the initial easssssy ........ peaaassssy
Are you old enough to know what this thing is? I am not that old but I did know what it was when I saw it and I got a great deal in the last half hour of the flea market
Its a butter churn and I love it, its all rusty and old
Found these cute lil cherub wall hangings, and decided to give them a new look
Almost forgot to take a before pic, but caught myself as I was putting white chalk paint on them
I think they look much cuter with a little bit of chalk paint and some dark wax
And remember these chairs, you know the ones I have painted twice with 4 coats of paint on them
Well today I clear waxed and distressed them.  It took me all afternoon and I think I sanded off my finger prints
I have to share a conversation I had with my hubby, when he got home from work and joined me in the yard where I was working on the chairs
Hubby: how come your doing that to the chairs, I thought you just painted them
Tobey: I decided to distress them and make them look older                                                                           
Hubby: Don't you think we have enough stuff in the house that looks old
Tobey: Well there is one old thing in the house that I am thinking I could do without right now
 (as I give him the look) and I keep sanding
Hubby: That's not funny, I am not old
Tobey: Well I can't get a seniors discount at Denny's( hehe)
Hubby: I just think the chairs looked good with out the distressing thing
I just spent the afternoon in the sun waxing and sanding 6 chairs, I am sweating, dirty and my fingers and back hurt, so lets just say I was not in the mood to hear this. Especially from a man that would have beer cases stacked up for a coffee table and Harley blankets on the windows for curtains. I could paint every room in the house and he would not notice. so I don't know why he cares about the chairs, but today is not the day to give his two cents
Tobey: Well I know something old in the house that is not going to get distressed
( I mean de stressed) probably for a really long time
I say this without even looking up, I just keep sanding
I think I must have got my point across
Hubby: well now that I look at them more, they look really good like that
And that my friends was the end of that conversation
hope everyone had a great long weekend
Happy picking, painting and upcycling


  1. You make turning someone else's trash into treasure look so easy! Love it. :)

  2. Thank you very much for the kind words, I really love giving new life to old things. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. hugs Tobey

  3. Man I tell ya Chairs are a long process to paint, distress, and wax. They look amazing when you have the strength to get them finished but customers do not understand the amount of work that goes into them.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

    1. I created more work for myself by changing the colour after I painted them first with old white then with bright white. Does the one chair look familiar lol it matches the ones you just did. I wanted one that was different because that will be my chair, cuz I am the queen bee. Now to find the fabric I want for the chairs. I have a question, you just did new foam on yours, how did you get the foam not to be square, did you trim it down, or was the old foam in good shape. mine all need new foam but I don't want it to be squared shaped and block type if that makes any sense. thanks for the comment Kristy
      I am always so flattered when busy talented people take the time to read my little blog ,,,, thank you