Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thrift stores and yard sales

I apologize for not posting in over a week, hubby and I decided to take an unplanned vacation. Aren't those the best kind though, you just throw stuff in a bag hop in the car and go. Hubbies bike is having some repairs done to it so we took the car. I love going on the bike, but when we go in the car I can buy stuff lol
And you know I love to buy stuff

I want to build a house right here lol
Maybe we could build here too
Beautiful water lilies

British Columbia is so beautiful and we have been getting some incredible weather these two weeks that hubby has been off. So we decided to go see more of it, and check out some place we had not been too. I was also out of Anne Sloan paint so a 3 hour trip to The Passionate Home was in the plans too.
We had hoped to check out the Antique store in Langley while we were there, but he was closed Sunday and Monday
I was so sad , how dare he close when I want to shop

We were in two towns on Sunday and Monday when you think everything would be open. But unfortunately those are the days that most of the thrift stores are closed. How dare they close when I am on vacation and want to buy stuff lol . I got to peek in the windows and drool though, they might have to clean their windows when they open.

This sign should say, all of our thrift stores are closed on Mondays, don't visit here on Monday
They even have an empty spot to write it
Do you think my hubby called ahead and paid them to close

I did find one cute little shop open in Princeton and I bought this cute lil red wagon
Hubby did not want to be seen with me pulling this down the street
so he went and got the car
you think he would be used to me embarrassing him by now , silly man

This place had some interesting items and an interesting owner
I bought a cute vintage Pepsi cooler and a silver plated lazy Susan
Lets just say they both needed a good cleaning when I got home
We saw a few signs on the highway that tempted us and had us hanging for an ice cream come from this place
I have never seen 24 flavours of soft serve
But just like the thrift store conspiracy, this place was open but the soft serve machine wasn't working
It's a conspiracy, I tell ya
All cleaned up, isn't it cute
My son works for Pepsi so I had to buy this, that and it is baby blue to match my kitchen
I love the patina on tarnished silver and usually do not clean it,
 but this one was disgusting so it got a little bit of silver polish
and a good cleaning
Here are a few treasures from my weekend trip, I also bought a new hurricane lamp and orange lantern (which I collect) and the picture I bought for the gorgeous frame
isn't the frame gorgeous, I have been collecting frames to do a frame wall when we move to Ontario, any extras will be used to make chalkboards
I have picked up a few things since we got back home, but I will save them for another post
The weather is still gorgeous this week and we might be taking a bike trip this weekend
So I am filling up the garage this week with projects for when hubby goes back to work
he works for a month with no time off so it give me lots of time to work in the garage
But for the rest of the week we are going to enjoy the nice weather
Hope everyone is enjoying this warm weather, and having a great week
Happy picking and painting everyone

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