Friday, September 7, 2012

Prep Work Prep work

I love a finished product, something that I pulled out of the garbage or found in a barn or at a yard sale, flea market or thrift shop. Giving a new look and a new life to something that others thought was junk but you thought had charm.
Some say its vision and talent to be able to see beyond what an item is, beyond to what it could be. I don't know about having vision or talent lol. But I love items that have a history and charm. These things call to me and sometimes I know what it will look like when I finish it before its even been paid for.

I think this week was mirror week, I had a couple of mirrors in the garage that needed a makeover. And then today one more mirror made its way into my garage, not sure how that happened. (that's what I am telling hubby) poor boy, keeps thinking he is going to get some room in the garage for his stuff.

Here are the three mirrors that I have been working on this week
The first mirror was off an old dresser I think, it has been prepped and painted black
I was going to leave it black, but I think I may put a colour over top and distress
this one is still in the works
Here is the second mirror
I was so busy getting these guys prepped that I almost forgot to take a before pic
As you can tell this mirror was painted brown, and it has layers and layers of paint on it
I have run out of Anne Sloan Chalk paint, so I mixed up my own chalk paint for this mirror
I painted it with two coats of  homemade chalk paint
The third mirror is off of a dresser that I am just priming for now because I need to buy some more Paris grey paint
After I did that little end table I decided that I want to paint the dresser the same colour and use it for a spare room
Here is my cute little $2.00 table that will be my spare room side table
This is the dresser and the third mirror, I am prepping to paint with Paris Grey
I know some of you liked the appliques on the bottom,
 but I have some cute handles that did not look good with them
so off they went, I tried to save them but they came off in pieces
I can be a little destructive at times
ok all the time
I am not the most patient person, I think that's what I like the most about chalk paint
Quick dry time
And here is the brown mirror all painted and distressed, doesn't it look cute with my little cherubs
And just what hubby wanted something else old and distressed in the house lol
He should know from hearing stories about me when I was a kid
You tell me you don't like something and i will just do it more lol
Can you get a livingroom any smaller
remember I can't paint walls or change the window coverings
trust me its killing me
And here is the mirror in the living room, yes I have a dresser in the living room, doesn't everyone lol
The house we rented in Kamloops for 6 months, (2 years ago) the house is very tiny, so I try to make the best of it
we fell in love with the large yard and the scenery because we are on the river
and the fact that we have the garage was bonus too, so we put up with the tiny house
remember it was only supposed to be for 6 months lol
But I am really looking forward to having a bigger home in Ontario
Bigger home means more stuff yaaaaaaa
Wait till you see the lil hutch I found yesterday
sssshhh don't tell hubby
happy picking and painting everyone


  1. What lovely finds and amazing $2 table! Love your vanity - the lines are so pretty. I think it will look beautiful in paris grey and without its appliques! Can't wait to see the "after" photos! :)
    Happy Saturday - it's pickin' time!

  2. Thanks for the comment Dori and welcome to my blog, thank you so much for joining. I hope to get back to the dresser this week, have been playing hookey in the nice weather lol