Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Already

I had planned on taking a few days off from painting and my two days turned into a week, bad bad Tobey. But I did manage to get a
lot done and have cleared out the garage some.

I set up at the flea market and sold quite a bit of stuff, but then I went to two storage wars and bought more. I know I know, I just can't help myself.

I did a little bit of travelling this weekend all by myself  SHOCK no hubby no bulldog. Was very strange having a few days to myself. I got a speeding ticket one day and a flat tire the next, so maybe I am not meant to be on my own lol . I never never speed, first speeding ticket in 35 years. I tried pleading and playing the tourist card (but officer I have never been here before), but this guy was by the book and he was not buying it. The flat tire was on the way to storage wars so I missed out on buying a storage locker. (Do you think my hubby sabotaged my tire lol )
  I did manage to buy a few things that people were selling from the storage units.

I got this chandelier that plugs in to an outlet for $5.00
Works great for our bedroom which was dark with just the lamps on the nightstands
And the hook was already in the ceiling so landlord can't freak
And I also picked up a few more metal wash bins from Rusty to New
I got the driftwood at a flea market for free and picked up some pumpkins while I was in Penticton
(This was just before the speeding ticket, expensive pumpkins lol

And I have been buying so many fake bird cages I figured might as well have some fake birds too
Found these two little guys in a thrift store in Summerland, aren't they cute (they are wood)

I love these old fans picked this one up at the flea market for a couple of dollars

I can't resist cute frames and these mirrors look so good painted up
I also picked up a new hutch which will be for sale, and I am selling the dining room table that I had bought a few months ago
I bought a gorgeous antique table and 5 chairs that a friend had for sale
I can't believe I am going to paint 5 more chairs lol
But when you see this table you will know why I could not resist it
Dressers are ready to be painted and I am trying something different with the smaller one
hope to have them done within the week
hope every one's week is going well
Happy picking Happy Painting
and Maggie


  1. What what great finds Tobey - and I want that fan!!!
    Can't wait to see your new dining room set!

  2. Girl, I have the identical gold mirror, it was mine back in the mid 60s, when I was a kid. It's a good one, so maybe not painting it makes it more valuable? Enjoy, you have a good eye for "junk."

  3. Wow - you found some great finds! I always love old fans and wash basins!
    ~Angie @ Knick of Time