Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Its Rainy Rainy Thursday

First off I would like to welcome a couple of new members to my blog, Shelly ,It is great to have you as a follower. And Sarah from is also a new follower. I read one of Sarah's posts and it sounded so familiar and I loved her blog, so I am thrilled that she has chosen to follow me as well.

I would love to be able to show you a whole bunch of finished projects but unfortunately I can't do that this week. I hurt my foot and it is has been raining all week, so that means i have not been able to get around, and I haven't been able to paint because of the rain. I never even heard of a bone spur, but let me tell you, they hurt like hell and I hope mine goes away. It is on the bottom of my foot so I feel pain every time I walk. Getting old sucks because your mind and your body are on two totally different levels. My mind says yes you can do it all and then my body reminds me that I am getting old and starting to fall apart. And that I can't do everything my crazy mind says I can do.
I hope to be on the mend soon and painting and working in the garage.
I can share with you a few thrifty finds, some new and some you have not seen.

Remember my small bedroom, well if you ad a bed frame the door won't close lol, and when hubby is on nights we need to close the door. Or Maggie is in there jumping on Daddy, and that's not good, funny but not good lol

So I have done without a head board, until now. I found this white wicker headboard at a thrift store and although it is not for a king bed, it does the trick for now. And at 5 bucks, it is a heck of a deal and I think the bed looks much nicer with a headboard, don't you think.

Check out this cute little sign that I found, I paid $1.45 for this wooden sign, and it looks great in my sun room. I love to search bins and bottoms shelves of the thrift store, you never know what is hiding there and I find some amazing things including this cute little sign.

I also realized this week that for someone who hates looking in the mirror I own a lot of mirrors lol
I love finding vintage mirrors and I hope when we move to either do a wall of empty picture frames or a wall of mirrors, or maybe both lol

I found this little mirror this week and it is identical to another one i bought last year. They are not in mint shape but the patina on the frames just makes them look more vintage, and I love that about them.

Isn't it cute and at $2.00 a great buy, I almost knocked somebody over to get to it. oh no i have turned it one of those people lol 

This is another mirror that I found last year that matches the new one, I won't have them hanging on the wall until we move into our own home. I think the landlord might freak if I start putting holes everywhere. poor guy is still trying to get used to all the stuff I have outside 

I also found this sunburst mirror at the same store last year and just love it. Am i getting a little vintage mirror crazy....maybe 

But I hope that our next home will be bigger than this little bunkie we live in now and then I will have room for all my little mirrors, won't I? Hey that's my story and what I tell hubby everytime I bring one more home. If our next house is smaller than this one I am in trouble.

Hope everyone has a great week and weekend, and I hope the sun is shining where you live.
please share your great finds with me and I hope to have some painting projects for you to see soon

thanks so much for making my blog part of your day, enjoy and take care, hugs

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