Monday, June 25, 2012

I am no longer an Anne Sloan Paint virgin

I was so excited to go to Langley this week and buy my first samples of Anne Sloan paint. I thought I would just pick up a few cans of paint and some dark wax. But when I got there I was overwhelmed with the choices of colour. I wanted to buy them all, there were so many gorgeous colours to choose from. As I scanned the different colours in their cute little test pots I could envision what they would look like on the many pieces of furniture that I have in my garage that awaits a new look.
I wanted to buy them all, but I didn't, I couldn't. Why? Because as I started to fill my arms with test pots and cute little Anne Sloan paint cans a little voice said to me. How much paint do you need?
Was it the voice of was my hubby, damm I knew I should have come here by myself.

Oh well I did manage to buy some Old White, French Linen, Duck Egg Blue, Paris Gray, Dark Wax and Clear Wax. I was eyeing some other stuff in the store too when I got the look. You know the look that says ok hun I am ready to go, I have been in the girly store a whole 15 minutes, and I think you have spent enough money look. lol

The Passionate Home

I reminded him that I had spent the day before at a hunting ATV expo kind of thing, where almost every booth had dead animal heads mounted on the wall. That earned me another 15 minutes in the store and a trip to two thrift stores and one antique store on the way home. His trade off for that was dragging me to a car show. I acted like it was dragging but to tell you the truth I love looking at the old cars too.  Its the couples trade off thing and we make it work lol
(I want to mention that Brian does not hunt any longer, he was looking at the ATV's) We are both animal lovers and only hunt with a camera)

I did manage to score a couple of things this weekend on top of getting my paint.

Found these little cuties at a thrift store, got them for $3.00

And one can never have enough planters and at $1.50 each they were a great deal

Remember this hallstand, it was originally yellow and I had stripped off some of the paint, but I didn't like the wood underneath so I decided to paint it instead

Here it is painted in Anne Sloans Old White
This was my first time using Anne Sloans paint and I love the old white
If I was keeping this I would distress it a bit and use dark wax on it
But that look does not see to sell very well in this area, so I will be leaving it the way it is
Currently for sale on Kijiji for $325.00
And I did come home with a few things other than paint from my travels this weekend. Plus I got to spend some quality time with my hubby. But it was good to come home I missed my lil Maggie so much, And by the reception I got home I think Maggie missed her Mommy and Daddy too.

I also want to add that the Passionate Home is such a pretty store, I wanted everything I saw in there. We got there just as the store opened and it did not take long for the store to have quite a few shoppers. I love the way the store is designed and decorated, even the location is cute. I will be going back for sure (without hubby sshhh ) I would love to take the time to attend one of their painting courses and I think that might be in the plans for the future

And now on to my next painting project, chairs, bench, table, nightstands ..........

Hope everyone had a great weekend
Were you browsing yard sales
Or catching up on projects
Or just enjoying the sunshine

I hope whatever you were doing that you had a great time



  1. love, love, love the hallstand....

  2. Hi Linda, thank you so much, but apparently you are the only one. I have had the hallstand for sale on kijiji for a week and not one bite. I brought it in the house and took a pic because I thought maybe the garage pick was turning people off. But still nobody interested. And now that it is in the house I think I will just keep it for a while. I want a hallstand, but I want one with more character and more style than the shaker offers. So until I find one I guess this will stay where it is. Thanks again for the comment it is so nice to hear and so nice to have you following my blog. thanks Tobey