Sunday, June 10, 2012

woo hoo the sun is shining

We have had rain for the last week so it is so nice to see the sun. The rain has been good for the grass and the garden but not so good for my painting projects and hell on my arthritis.
I worked on a few small projects this week and did way too much couch time. Foot is still bugging me and I am thinking that surgery is in the near future Damm

well enough of my whining, remember my cute bedroom lamps

I loved the look of them but not the yellowed lamp shade and the pole that holds all the wiring was yellowed too. So I got tired of looking at them and decided that this week I would clean them up.

I had tried washing them but that did not work and I really did not want to buy new shades, So I thought why not paint them with fabric paint and paint the pole with high gloss spray paint.

The one on the right has been painted, looks much cleaner don't you think?

now time to paint the pole thingy, I did not want to take the whole thing apart, so I just moved the jewels out of the way and painted it , I just sprayed the paint into a plastic container and used a small brush

And here they are all painted, I think they look much better and I was feeling pretty happy with them until?

I turned them on ....oops
Aparently the fabric paint has given them a burnt look when you turn them on.
I don't know why I didn't think that painting them would change how they look when they are on, I was just worried about how they looked off lol

This is the light they gave off before, much nicer even with the yellowed shade.

 Ok,  Martha Stewart I am not, but I bet you she screws up sometimes too we just don't hear about it
I am not too proud to tell you that sometimes I am not the sharpest crayon in the box, or is that the brightest crayon in the box, whatever you get my point

Well at least I have saved all of you from making this mistake,
do not use fabric paint on lamp shades

I guess I am going shopping for new shades after all

But they do look nice and clean when they are off lol

hope all of your projects are turning out the way you want them too


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