Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Loving the blog "4 the love of Wood"

I wanted to share with you a blog that I have just recently started to follow. Kristy is the creator of this blog and she also lives in B.C.
She is a very talented lady and I love her ideas and her creativity. Check out her blog and you will see why I am a big fan.

(I am new to this link thing and I hope this works)

I wanted to share some of the projects that she has on her blog and in her showroom, she has given me some great ideas for future projects.

Do you have an old set of nightstands that need a makeover, I have a set very similar to these two and Kristy has inspired me to try to make them as gorgeous as she made her set.

see what I mean below

Kristy took these two night stands from this

To this, aren't they gorgeous
The design on the botton is from an old mirror frame.....
see what I mean, this lady is resourceful, creative and my new mentor

And if you don't have some old night stands to work with, how about making some from an old desk

This lady is so smart, who would have thought of doing that, I see these desks everywhere

Can you see why I am addicted to this blog and why I will continue to follow Kristy and her blog for more creative ideas and inspiration.
I also can't wait to go check out her showroom. I love the fact that she is also in BC and that she is close enough for me to go see her incredible talent in person.

Here are my nightstands that I plan on making over, I picked them up for $15.00. The hardware which I think is gorgeous I found in a bin at a thrift store downtown, it cost me 75 cents. And I am hoping once I paint these night stands that the hardware will just pop, right now they blend into the gray.

I have decided to buy some of Anne Sloans paint for these, so I will have to either order it or drive to Langley to buy it. I have been seeing alot of things painted in the colour Old White and I want to try it. I will probably bring home some of her other colours and waxes to try them as well. So these won't be done right away, but I will post as soon as they are completed. I also have to hunt for cute little feet for them.

hope everyone is having a great week, happy picking and painting

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  1. Hey Tobey we can't wait for you to visit. Once you try ASCP you will not go back! Just a heads up - As there is a high demand on the ASCP here be sure to call ahead to see that the paint color you want to buy is in stock before you make the trip . Thank you for the kind words in this post and I will do my best to keep inspiring you.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD