Saturday, June 16, 2012

GET OUT OF BED , It's Yard Sale Day

Yes my car has looked like this on more than one occasion, admit it yours has too lol 

Do you own more tools than your hubby

Do you have more paint brushes than decent underwear

Do you have more cans of paint, than you have shoes

Have you actually said to your butcher , is that your best price?

Do you know the people at the thrift store and the hardware store by name

When your watching a movie are you checking out the furniture and the decor

Do you dream at night about your projects, ideas, painting and furniture, your blog

While others are sleeping in on Saturdays are you out scouring yard sales and flea markets

Have you been at the flea market before sunrise

Is your garage full of  things that you can't get rid of because you know one day you will use them

Did you answer yes to most of the statements ........

You know you did lol

It truly is an obsession and addiction but I would not have it any other way, I love it

I love the thrill of the hunt and the rush when I purchase an item, for a great price

And I love giving these items a new look, a new home and a new purpose

I decorate my home with these finds, they all have a history and a story and that makes them unique

My home is filled with things I love and things that make me happy, they are quirky, mismatched and not one particular style, but its my style and I love it

And I hope that the people that buy my projects enjoy them just as much

And like my title says it is Saturday and that means YARD SALES

Are you still reading, I said YARD SALES .............get shopping people, I'm not here, I am out getting all the good deals

Happy Picking , Have a great weekend ,  Hugs

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