Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Second day of Summer

It was nice to have a break from all the rain we have been getting. Today was hot and sunny and it was so nice to be able spend sometime out doors. Hubby is off for two weeks and it is nice to have him home. We spent the whole day outside and enjoyed a yummy bbq supper where he could sit and relax and not rush off to night shift.
3 more days till our trip to the coast to pick up Anne Sloan paint. I am pretty excited. It may sound silly but I feel like a kid doing the count down to Christmas lol
I can not wait to start painting and try out all the different colours and waxes.
I am also excited about having a weekend alone with my hubby, we have a pet sitter for the two days. We have a great pet sitter who comes and stays at our house and Maggie loves her. So it's kind of like a little vacation for Maggie too, she gets a break from us. And we can have a relaxing time and not worry about her or our house.

My thrifty finds are going to start dwindling down in the next few weeks as I catch up on paint projects. But I have a couple of bargains that I picked up this week to share with you.

 I picked up a small stool and coffee table for their cute curly legs, I hope to take these off and use them on another project,only paid a few dollars for them. Kristy from 4 the love of wood, has me looking for cute little feet everywhere now

Picked up this little step ladder for a steal, not sure what I will use it for yet, but I plan on painting it and finding a use for it

Found this little cabinet at the flea market and had a lady trying to scoop it on me but I got it. I love the hardware on it and I think once I paint it and make it look a little older it will look like an old ice box, I want to add to it either on the top or the bottom. I will show you after I come up with something and after it is painted

When I saw this pretty little hamper at the flea market I fell in love. The lady that sold it to me said it will look great with a little paint. I told her I loved it just the way it is and would not think of touching it, isn't it cute with its vintage flowers

I tried to take a pic of the front of the carving and it kept coming up blurry
no matter how many times I took the pic. The sun is shining on it and I think its just the reflection on the stain.

In this picture you can see all the detail of the carving

I found this wood carving at a thrift store all covered in dirt and dust. It had just come in and apparently had been sitting in someones garage for a while. The thrift store told me they almost threw it out, so I got it for 10 bucks.  I brought it home and cleaned it up with some restore oil and it looks great. It is a wolf carved into the wood , I gave it to hubby for fathers day and he loves it. There is a hole in the back so we think we might be able to hook up some kind of light through it. I have enough protection on it that I think it can go outside once we move to Ontario. But we will have to see hubby might just put it in the man cave lol 

Will be sure to post all about my trip to the Passionate Home and let you know how much paint colours I come home with. We may hit a few antique stores, fabric stores and yard sales along the way too. poor hubby, he may wish he was still at work lol

hope everyone is having a great week and that the sun is shining where you are



  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I too am a HUGE fan of curvy and interesting legs. :) Have fun with your ASCP. :)

  2. Thank you so much for the comment, I was beginning to wonder if my comment thingy even worked lol I love your blog and will be a regular follower for sure, take care Tobey