Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flea Market find gets a makeover

And how are you spending Thanksgiving weekend
Well, since all of my family is far away I am keeping myself busy because I miss them so much
Good weekend to paint some dressers and stay busy in the garage
I came across this dresser at the flea market, I knew it had potential to look gorgeous.
I bought all four pieces for a great low price

I bought the two dressers along with these two single bed frames
I plan on keeping the bed frames and using them for Grandchildren in our home in Ontario
I can't believe this is the only close up before pic that I took, but here it is

The dresser was in good shape just showing its age in spots

I painted all the drawers with one coat of primer and one coat of ASCP french linen grey
I added a piece of trim to the top of the dresser to add more character to the dresser
The drawers look nice and fresh and clean now, even though the dresser is old, the drawers slide in and out so smoothly

And here she is all painted in Anne Sloan Pure White
I still need to distress her and find different knobs that suit her style

The second dresser is also getting a makeover
After a little patching and glue this is dresser is ready for its makeover as well


This dresser has had its first coat of paint
I was going to paint both of these in pure white
But I may paint this in another colour and sell them separately
unless someone wants them as a set
They both have steel wheels and lots of character
I have a few more projects on the go, will post pics soon
I am having some problems with blogger not letting me enlarge my pics
hope to be able to get that one figured out
if anyone else is having the same problem please let me know
Happy Picking and Painting and Happy Turkey Weekend

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