Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Month

It seems like everywhere I go I am reminded that Halloween is not far away. I remember decorating the house when my kids were young, and making so many homemade costumes. I miss those times when I used to get the kids dressed up and go out trick or treating. I miss decorating the house and going door to door with them. Coming home at the end of the night and dumping out all the candy and inspecting it then watching the kids divide it. The good treats always got eaten first, and I always had to cut them off from eating too much. And then there was sneaking into their rooms to steal the odd chocolate bar. They tried hiding the Halloween candy from me but I always found it lol.
I really miss my kids being little, I guess that's why I try to relive it with Maggie, poor Maggie lol.
I have been dressing my dog Maggie up for Halloween ever since she was a puppy and I thought in the spirit of the month I would share her Halloween pics with you.

The very first year she was a pumpkin, we even took her door to door
She got a few milk bones and a bag of cheeses
She was a big hit with the kids
Maggie had two costumes this year she was a pirate

Because she was too fat for the cow costume, doesn't she look like she is having fun lol
I am not fat she says,I am just big boned

And last year I brought home a few costumes, I took pics of her in all of them
She didn't like this one, can't you tell
This is the one we chose, well I chose anyways
My little angel
Isn't she adorable
This year I am making her a lion costume, doesn't she make a cute little lion
I tell you nothing in the house is safe when my creative juices get flowing lol
I have decided to add a pic of Maggie to every one of my posts from now on
She is my little partner in crime
When I am out in the garage working she is always with me
Other woman accessorize with jewelry
I always have a bulldog attached to me
Maggie is my lil girl, I can not imagine life without her
Because hubby works long hours I spend most days with Maggie
And because I work at home, we are always together
I have conversations with her and discuss my projects with her
She is very helpful with choosing paint colours
And sometimes she displays them on her fur lol
hope your enjoying your fall and that Halloween month has you inspired too
Hope you enjoyed the pics of Maggie
Happy October
And of course Maggie too

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