Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time for some Advil

Why do I need Advil you ask........well, I got it in my head that the dresser I just painted white needed more of a unique look. I have seen union jack dressers on a few of my favorite blogs and I decided to try it. Well I have a feeling that I maybe should have taken a course on how to do this lol

I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I had no idea it was going to be this painful. I just spent two hours outside in the heat, taping, measuring and taping and measuring. I was feeling pretty good about myself then I realized it was all wrong grrrrr. I now have two balls of torn off tape and lots of pencil marks on the dresser.
And a few times the neighbours looked out thinking someone was being murdered

here is the cute little dresser that I thought would look cute with a union jack flag painted on it
This is what I hope it will look like at the end, this beautiful dresser was done by one of my mentors
the queen of upcycling Kristy from 4 the love of Wood


And this gorgeous dresser was done by Suzan of Simply Vintageous
I admire both of these women and their creations inspire me to go beyond the norm

Unfortunately my creation does not look as gorgeous as theirs YET.
 as long as the advil holds out, I will keep plugging away and trying
I know your hoping to scan to the end of this post and see a beautiful union jack on a dresser
I am so sorry to disappoint you but it is still a work in progress
I came inside to take a break, OK, to stop myself from attacking the dresser with a hammer
I will keep trying because .....
.I am woman I am strong and I will not get it wrong.... something like that anyway

If your coming to visit me today leave the kids at home unless you want them to learn some new words
Unless of course you are Kristy or Suzan.........please help me
OK enough whining, back to the frog tape
pray for me people

and of course lil Maggie
Being my side kick is hard work , Maggie is napping

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  1. Poor Maggie looks exhausted! Good luck with the dresser. I have always figured the union jack would take to much math to figure out. So I will definitley be skipping it. haha