Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ever have one of those days

As you know I am a picker and an upcycler and as most do, I sell most of the items I find or upcycle.
When you sell out of your home it is convenient and sometimes not so convenient. I advertise online and through word of mouth and most days that works.
Except for this weekend

I have to vent about some stuff that happened to me this weekend. I had a guy email me a couple of times about a dining room table I had for sale. I sent pics, I sent measurements, we negotiated a price and I sent him directions and my cell number. He said him and his wife would be here on Sunday at 2 pm.  The table is a large dining room table so I had it apart and at the back of the garage. Even though I had it for sale I was not digging it out until I had some interest in it. My garage is very small and I need all the room I can get so the table was in the back with the legs off of it. When hubby got home at 7 am he helped me move everything out to get at the table. Then we put the legs on it and I cleaned it up. Sundays is flea market day and there was an antique show going on in town. So I raced around and hit the flea market and the antique show, and grocery store and got home by 1:30.
And guess what Bill and his wife were a no show, no phone call, no email, nothing. I waited an hour, emailed him because i had no contact number. And never heard back at all, no excuses no reply nothing.
Was I mad, damm right I was mad. I have better things to do with my time. This happens from time to time but not often. I don't know why people do this, I would never ever do this. I buy and sell all the time and when I say I am coming to buy something I show up. If I get lost or I am running late I call to let them know. Am I the only one that shows common courtesy to people selling from their homes.
Does this happen to you as well. How do you handle it?

Then today I had a lady email me about another table I have for sale. She asked for the measurements because she said her dining room is small. I sent her the measurements of the table which is 4 feet by 4 feet. She emailed me back to tell me that she likes the table and when she looked at the pic of the table, she thought it looked more like it is 4feet by 3 feet. She said 4 feet by 3 feet would work better for her and if I remeasured it and it came up 4 feet by 3 feet she would pick it up on Friday.
I'm sorry but I am still shaking my head over this. I can not change the measurements of the table, it is what it is. Maybe I should have said oh I am sorry I remeasured it again and your right it is 4 feet by 3 feet and sold it to her lol

OK enough venting, sorry I really had to share those two events with you. Maybe you can relate .......
And on the happier side of my weekend

I did find some amazing deals at the flea market and at the antique show. It was freezing at the flea market on Sunday, probably why it was the last one of the year. It was also very windy and by 11 am most vendors were packing up. There was not a lot of people there either so I lucked out on some sweet deals.

I found this vintage cigarette case and lighter at the antique show.
 I don't smoke but hubby does (I have tried for years to get him to quit, he won't)
 I gave this to hubby for our 6 Th anniversary

I picked this up at the flea market for 5 dollars,
 it is very sturdy and will look great with a makeover

Got a great deal on this mirror and plan on painting the frame,
 may make it into a chalkboard not sure yet
And this cute mirror with the hooks would make a great chalkboard,
 just going to give it a new colour
I buy these mirrors whenever I can find them, they look amazing painted
These frames were the same gold as the mirror above.
 I love how they look now and have them hanging in my bedroom
This mirror sold before the paint even dried and this was the only after pic I have of this one
But do you see what I mean the mirrors look amazing painted
I also picked up this little shelf and I am going to see if I have a mirror that will go with it
I saw these two wall hangings and could not pass them up
I am not sure where I am going to use them but they were too unique too leave behind
And I found this cute little desk and chair at a local thrift shop
It is solid maple and very solid, can't wait to give it a new look
When I am working outside I like to keep Maggie outside with me
We have a large yard but we are also on the river so I have to keep an eye on her
She never usually goes to far from me, but from time to time she likes to hide on me
I could run all around the yard and yell her name and she will just sit where she is hiding
I don't know why she does this, maybe its a game to her, who knows
Maybe she likes freaking me out and watching me run all over the yard like a mad woman
Today this was her little hiding spot, but I found her right away
she is such a funny little thing my Maggie
She was hiding behind the bike but came out when I said Maggie want a treat lol
yesterday she hid in the hedges
hope everyone is having a great week
Happy Picking Happy Painting

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  1. Interesting that you posted this blog today. I just got back home, was sitting here reading my email and de-stressing. My daughter who shortly will be moving into her newly purchased home (that needs a ton of work) sent me an email earlier about a freezer that was listed for sale. I called the guy myself and discussed the freezer with him. We agreed on a price, I told him I was on my way it would take me about an hour to get there. I picked my daughter up and we headed out. When we got to the place and saw the freezer it was totally a different freezer...an old model with rusty shelves in it, NOT the one pictured online. He kept telling us that it was the same, even though the one online was a Whirlpool and the one he was trying to pass off on us was a GE with racing stripes...yep racing stripes. I mean come on! Needless to say I was a little more than miffed.