Thursday, March 22, 2012

Well people it is my first Thrifty Thursday

I promised to post all of my unique finds on Thursdays and here they are, every other day of the week I will posting about upcycling of mirrors and pictures to chalkboards or furniture upcycling. But Thursdays will be all about the neat things I find while shopping, at flea markets, yard sales thrift stores, online, you name it if its for sale and its a great item at a great price I will be there.
I should mention that yard sale time is here and alot of spring shows are coming up. I missed out on one that is for home based business and I guess I would qualify for that wouldn't I. So I am on the list for the next venue and am quite excited to be part of it. Ok back to my unique finds...

I found this little gem in the back of a thrift store it had a bunch of stuff on it, I love this table and the design along the edges

These items I found a few different places, just hidden away on shelves, they date from 1963 to 1969. I plan to keep them and put them away and eventually pass them on to my children. I was 6 years old when Kennedy was assasinated and 12 when they walked on the moon

 I got so excited to redo this sign I forgot to take a before picture, but caught myself after the first coat of paint, this is what the sign looked like when I bought it for a buck,  can you say score

I saw this little painted sign and fell in love with it, but since I do not have a spoiled rotten cat, I have a very spoiled bulldog I decided to buy the sign and change it,  the back ground colour does not match exactly (I tried) but I still love it and have it hanging on the wall.

This cute little table and chairs just needs a new look. I think I will keep it for future grandchildren, you might think thats silly but at 6 dollars I could not leave it behind. I just need to update it, might make the top a chalkboard, the chairs have a heavy thick varnish so not sure if I want to deal with all the sanding down of those to paint it but we'll see......FUTURE PROJECT

Don't you just love the colour of these vintage license plates, pink and robins egg blue, how come ontario doesn't have neat colours like that

 This wrought iron and stainless steel scale works great as a candle holder, the candles have sea shells in them and I picked them up for 50 cents each and the scale was 2 dollars

I love my lamps and whenever I see one I have to grab it, the little beauty in the front with the blue bottom was just sitting on a shelf at the salvation army waiting for me to come take it home $1.75 people, do you believe that, I love love love Salvation Army

This little cutie is not old but it looks old doesn't it, I am sucker for roses, my Mom and Grandma loved them too, I remember my Grandmothers back yard had rose bushes the whole perimeter of the yard all along the fence, it was gorgeous, just like my grandma

Well those are my finds for this week, I hope you enjoyed my first Thrifty Thursday, I love finding unique things either for my home or to resell. All of these items I am keeping for now, I love surrounding myself with unique finds, if you see something that is unique and it is reasonably priced, buy it, you will kick yourself if you don't.

Like I have said my house is decorated with things that I love and things that make me happy. I may not have a particular design happening in my home. But it is my design, things accumulated and chosen because they make me happy, make me smile, bring back a happy memory and I love to look at them and find a place for them. Isn't that the kind of decorating we should all do, fill our home with things we love and things that make us smile.

Happy picking and happy treasure hunting



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