Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh How Romantic

I wanted to post the updates of my bedroom as soon as it was finished. Its not a big change but a nice change. As you know we rent the house we live in while hubbys company is working in Kamloops. The landlord had blinds on all of the windows, and I hate them but can not remove them. So I am trying my best to work with them and still have the look I want. I am also trying to not spend alot of money because we don't know how long we will live here. The bedroom is very small and can not accomodate a headboard and the curtains can't hang down to the floor because the baseboard heater is there. yes lots of fun So working with that I had put white sheer curtains over the blinds, but it still looked too blah.

 This is what the bedroom looked like when we first moved in, dark curtains and colourful quilt and cheap ikea lamps, was willing to live with it like this when we thought we would only be here for a few months.Can you say yuk ............................... yes Maggie thinks it is her bed
               Then after being here a while longer I decided to brighten up the room more to my taste.

So then came the idea of using the half shelf that came with the white mirror I have on the wall. I glued some sheers to the inside of the shelf and draped them over the window. If you try this let the glue dry over night, don't try to staple or tape the sheers to the shelf, trust me it does not work. The tape won't hold and these shelves are hard plastic and staples won't penetrate the hard plastic. Yes they were my first tries and after flying staples and sheers that kept sliding out of the tape, I tried the glue, much easier and more productive.

So after some coaxing to get hubby to help me hang the shelf (ok nagging) the shelf and curtains are up. I paid 2.00 dollars for the mirror and shelf, and 2.00 dollars for the sheers, both bought at thrift stores here in Kamloops. So for a very low price I get more of a romantice look in my not so blah anymore bedroom.

Half shelf with sheer curtains
Mirror that goes with shelf and picture frames turned into chalkboards

Well now the bedroom has a little more of a romantic look, too bad I can't give hubby a romantic makeover lol

Happy Monday

take care
Tobey Beyond The Picket Fence

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  1. I love the sheers and half shelf Tobey, looks awesome! Lisa