Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vintage Finds

Yesterday was a sad day, a close friend of mine Scott-t died and my friend Sandi's dog Rocky died, so I did not do much yesterday. I was sad and went for a drive in the country and mourned. Losing people at a young age is hard to deal with.You think you will see them again and then they are gone, its heart breaking. The loss of a pet is very painful and I feel Sandi's pain, losing Maggie is going to break my heart, she is like my child, my best friend and my shrink all in one.
Today a friend here in Kamloops invited me to an estate sale today to cheer me up. Did I also mention that I fell on the ice yesterday and hurt my tailbone and my left wrist, more reason not to work on stuff at home and to go shopping.
The estate sale was about half an hour from Kamloops, apparently the father inlaw had died and he was a bit of a picker too. His son in law has been slowly cleaning out the house and garag. He will probably have more stuff, but some of the stuff he had was gorgeous and reasonably priced.
I scored a desk that matches my white vanity, an old license plate, cute chair and storm window. He says he has lots more so we will definetly go back. If I had my store out here or if I was living here permantly I would have bought alot more than I did because his prices were incredible. But the more I buy the more I have to move back to Ontario and hubby is already stressing over what I have accumulated in the year we have been here. poor boy lol
I love this desk and will probably leave it just the way it is for now. It is very similar to the white vanity that I bought last year and I hope I will have a bedroom big enough in Ontario to house both of them

This is the vanity that I scored last year, I have it stored in sunroom for now because the bedroom here is too small for it, I think the desk and the vanity will look great together.

This chair is oh so cute, underneath the paint is a pressback design, but I think it looks adorable with the layers paint over it and will leave it like this for now.

I cleaned out the basement the other day and have everything packed and ready as soon as the outside flea markets start here in the spring. So that makes hubby happy that some stuff is going, he keeps calling me a hoarder, but I have explained, that if I sell stuff I am not a Hey thats my story... But between you and me I have filled almost every nook and cranny in this house and the garage. I can not resist a bargain, including the stuff I bought today. Which was paid for with the money I received from selling a mirror yesterday.
I sold my black mirror because I fell in love with one I had bought from a friend and it looks great where the black mirror was, and the buyer loved the mirror she bought from me, so we both win.

black mirror that I sold

new mirror to replace the black mirror the pics do not do it justice is really is a gorgeous frame and colour

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