Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chalkboards made from mirrors

Today was a gorgeous day and Maggie and I were outside all day, as I type this post she is sound asleep beside me snoring like a freight train. I raked leaves leaves and more leaves, having acreage and trees is nice but not in the fall and spring when you have to clean up all the leaves.

Had to share this pic of Maggie, I put up and filled some of the bird feeders today and hope we can attract some of our birdie friends back again this year. here is Maggie awaiting her little bird friends, she loves to watch them,she never barks or chases them, She really is a gentle soul. The stand up ashtray was a big hit with the birds last year so I decided to put it back out this year.

When I was outside I also worked on a few chalkboards. I bought 3 mirrors where the frames can stay just as they are, and all I had to do was make the mirrors into a chalkboard. I am thinking I may pick up some magnetic spray paint and make a few of the chalkboards magnetic as well.

            Aren't these frames cute, I bought them at a liquidation store that is closing and got a great deal on all 3 frames, They kind of have that shabby chic look to them already, so I will leave the frames as they are and just add the chalkboard.

Mirrors with one coat of chalkboard paint, the oval one is for another mirror which is in the process of being painted, will show that one when its finished. Remember my white mirror in my bedroom that had a half shelf that came with it, that I could not put up because of where the mirror is. Well I got an idea from a friend, hang the half mirror up by the ceiling and have sheered curtains attached to it and draped down behind the bed. I have the shelf painted and have found some sheers I think will work, just need to get hubby to help me. Will post a pic when I have it up and completed, thats a few pics I owe you guys, don't worry I won't forget.
I also had an idea for two frames that I have on my bedroom wall that go with my mirror. They have old cardboard pictures in them and I thought why not make them into chalkboards too and draw our initials on them. I will post pics of them when they are finished too.
This is what they look like now, and here is the mirror that I have them with

will show these cute little chalkboards when they are all finished.
here is the shelf that I am going to add the sheers too, so you know what half shelf I am talking about. finished pics and shelf and sheers in a day or two,

This is what the shelf looked like before the paint job. I love these mirrors and shelves and am always on the lookout for one. If Desi is reading this, yes I am still looking for one for you my dear lol.

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