Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring woohoo

Has it really been 8 days since my last post? where did that time go? Well the weather has been really nice and i have been doing alot of yard, and more yard work . Having a nice big property comes with its costs, if I am not raking leaves I am cleaning out flowerbeds and the vegetable garden and entertaining a very demanding dog that thinks I am around solely to entertain her.
But while all of this is going on I have managed to finish 4 chalkboards and am almost finished a few more. I have picked up a few more frames and mirrors and am excited to see them become chalkboards.

I have decided to dedicate one day a week to display my vintage finds. Thursday will be that day, I am calling it Thrifty Thursdays and will tell you amd show you all about the unique things I find. Today I saw a gorgeous 9 drawer dresser that I know would make a great two sink vanity, but I had to pass it up. I promised hubby that I wouldn't bring any large pieces of furniture home until I clear out the garage a bit,  sigh . I saw another blog the other day where the woman had a hoarder yard sale, I laughed so hard when I was reading her blog, it sounded so much like me and Brian. I will find it again and link it to this post, so you can read it. When I saw how many chairs she had accumulated and sold at the this sale i didn't feel so bad about the 8 I have hanging around. I will have to show Brian the blog so he will know that I could be worse than I am hehe.

Vintage Revival by Mandi  (CHECK OUT MANDI'S BLOG)
HUMONGO hoard sale this Saturday! (October 8) According to my husband I am a freakin hoarder, and he is mad at me. Which means that I have to get rid of a ton of my treasures to save my marriage. Starts at 8 on the dot. No early birds, I will call the cops. Just kidding I wont. But really don’t come early. This is a DIYers paradise! Need a dining room chair or 21? Good cause we have those! See you there! Also I like cookies if you want to bring me some.
There are only a few days until the Hoard sale on Saturday!! Are you EXCITED!?!? I am selling tons of amazing crap! 8 o'clock is when it opens. Only awesome people are invited.
The first annual Vintage Revivals Hoard Sale is tomorrow Saturday oct 8. The ribbon cutting ceremony starts at 8 am exactly. 99% of the sale is furniture and home decor!! Follow the pink signs and balloons. It's going to be AMAZING!! This is like the Black Friday of yard sales people.

I love this girl can you imagine if her and I lived closer to each other and we were friends lol , our poor husbands lol
I keep reminding my hubby that hoarders do not sell anything and since I sell on a regular basis I am not a hoarder, hey its my story and so far he is buying it. I buy and resell alot of items without doing anything to them so I don't really post everything on here. This week a few items went to new homes, a lounging chair, dresser, chest, dog bed and two mirrors.I sell items at reasonable prices so that it is still a good deal for the purchasers. Even the products I give new life and a new look too are still at a good price. I am not in this to get rich, I love upcycling and keeping busy, learning new things and having fun. I meet some wonderful talented and creative people in my travels and learn new things everyday.Yes it is a rush to find something new, and it is very empowering to give new life to an item that might have been thrown away. There is a great satisfaction in the completion of a project that you have done yourself. And I love finding a place for these items in my home or sending it off to a new home with a satisfied happy customer.

I truly love what I do.

take care and happy picking and upcycling


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