Sunday, March 11, 2012

And on the 7th day she rested

It's been a busy week and yesterday I decided to take a day off from painting and working on projects. I also took some time off from yard work, and decided to go do some shopping. I wanted to check out the antique show that was going on in town. I saw alot of nice things there, but I am so used to finding bargains that some of the prices at an antique show are scarey. I did buy one thing that I could not resist and it was in my price range. I have always wanted a vintage street sign and when I saw this porcelain one I could not resist. When I saw it, it made me feel all tingly lol

I just have it on a shelf for now, it is quite heavy,but will put it on a wall when we move back to Ontario. Isn't it cute, going to have to find out where Tingley street was in BC.  I love embroidered table cloths and pillow cases, so when I saw this embroidered pillow cover for a few dollars I had to scoop it up. I had a pillow at home that fit it perfectly, isn't it adorable.

I also stopped at Salvation Army and found this beautiful picture, at first I just wanted the frame but now I am in love with the roses. picked this cutie up for 4 bucks. looks great in the diningroom where the look is more formal, with the black hutch and black and walnut table.

I was browsing kijiji yesterday, and remember I said I wasn't going to buy any more furniture, because the house is full. Well........ I saw an ad for an antique dresser for a great price and I could not resist,  I jumped on that one pretty quick, and would love to post a pic, but hubby still has it in the back of the truck. I guess I should be happy that he at least went with me to get it after working a 12 hour day, poor boy, the things I make him do. Will post a pic when it makes into the house, now where will I put it lol
update: dresser never made it into the house, sold it right out of the truck, thanks Gille, Brian will be so glad he doesn't have to carry it into the house.

I finished two of my chalkboard projects for me and am still working on the ones I will be selling. I think these chalkboards will be fun and hopefully they will sell this summer at the flea market. If they don't I am going to have a heck of alot of chalkboards.

Here are the two that are finished





Love this chalkboard it fits in nicely with the white colour scheme I am trying to achieve. And now Brian can leave me little love messages on the chalkboard, ya right lol

I thought I took a before pic of this mirror, but can't find it, it was a goldie brass colour. I thought because it had so many adorable little roses on it, that it deserved to be pink. Not my colour but will look adorable in a little girls bedroom.

Finished chalkboard, I think it turned out great, have painted a couple more and will have them on here in a few days.
More projects to come, have a great day


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