Friday, August 17, 2012

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

I was on vacation for a week and then dealing with a bit of a crisis. I apologize to my followers who are probably wondering why they are following a blogger who does not blog.

I will be back soon I promise just have to deal with some issues right now.

In the meantime I want to share a project from one of my fellow bloggers.

If I could nominate someone to be the queen of the upcyclers, it would be this lady.
Kristy you are amazing

Check out Kristy's blog and see how she takes parts of a chair, bed slats, hutch doors, headboard and a dresser and turns it into a work of art, yes it is furniture, but to me it is also a work of art.
This is upcycling at its best

These are amazing and when you look at all the different pieces of furniture that went into them and the work, they truly are two very unique pieces. Amazing Kristy, you rock girl.

I am in awe of Kristy's vision and her talents, who would have imagined that combining all of these items would create such an amazing piece of furniture. And who would have thought about doing it.

Since discovering Kristy's blog a few months ago I certainly look at pieces of furniture differently and will be saving broken down pieces to use in new creations. I have already started working on my nightstands with the little curly feet, and will continue to be inspired by this amazing lady.

I know you will be inspired as well, if you have not seen Kristy's blog before, prepare to be amazed

I also want to share this picture that a friend sent me, it is now my screen saver. I love it, we should all live life that.




  1. Kristy is absolutely amazing -
    Hoping your crisis is a manageable one Tobey - sending positive thoughts your way

  2. Hey Tobey so happy you are following my blog. I wanted to return the favor and see what you are up to. Lori from Color It Simple dot blogspot

  3. welcome Lori, I was so excited to find your blog and will be a regular visitor for sure, thank you so much for following mine too.

  4. Suzan, thanks for the positive thoughts, I needed them, things are slowly getting back to normal. hugs Tobey

  5. I took the very first course with Kristy and George . They are truly amazing . She even named me the Upholsters Wife .
    Have a wonderful day
    Kelley @ The Upholsters Wife

  6. Hi Kelley, That is so cute, I love that title. I am afraid mine would be Couch Potatoes Wife lol. I think if I went to a course run by Kristy I would never leave, I would be like a sponge, teach me more and more and more. I start my days by seeing what creation she has for us today, she truly is a great inspiration. hugs Tobey

  7. Hi Tobey,
    I am a new follower - found you on 4 the love of wood. I live in BC too - on Vancouver Island. It's great to find Canadian bloggers and better yet in the same province!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  8. Dear Tobey, I am so glad you wrote this post and I saw it on Kristy's blog!
    Kristy is amazing and an inspiration to us all!
    I had the pleasure to take her class and meet her and George.
    I am glad you are taking your passion to the next level and now selling your pieces, too.
    I recognize my friends Suzan and Kelley in comments, what a small world!
    Sending blessings so the crisis goes away soon.

  9. Hi Toby!!

    I'm sorry to hear about your crisis. I had a really bad one two weeks ago. Husband was really sick. He's getting better and stronger every day, but, what a scare!!

    Take care and I look forward to visiting your blog!!


  10. Welcome Pam, Claudine and Peggy, I am so flattered to have followers, thank you so much for taking the time to follow my blog and to comment. Thank you for all of your kind words, crisis has passed. Pam I am glad your hubby is feeling better.
    Again that you so much for being here.
    hugs Tobey